We’re all conditioned to men being the hunter gatherers and historically it being accepted that they go out and sow their sperm in as many vagina’s as possible to ensure their lineage continues into the future.

But did you know that women also have a similar instinct?

Women behaved in a very different sexual way to how modern society has conditioned them into acting today. It’s important for women to make sure that she has the best chance of strong offspring, naturally women also have a basic instinct to mate with as many partners as possible.

This gives a female the optimal chance of her body naturally selecting the best sperm. The other benefit of this was that none of the men knew who the father was, so all had a vested interest in keeping her and her child alive. It was the only way to ensure that what could potentially be their child, and therefore their DNA makeup, would survive. 

Jump forward around 950 000 years and society has conditioned us into believing we should behave in another way. Even a toe dipped in the water of sensual enlightening such as women massage (even without the inclusion of yoni) if frowned upon.

Keep it private and go for it. Life is about collecting experiences and living to our fullest potential. It’s none of anyone else’s business.

So, here are the health issue implications from modern society’s take on how we should behave.

Lack of arousal can lead to substandard health.

When a woman is in a situation whereby she’s denying her natural sexuality (platonic relationship), suppressing these (cultural and religious) or simply by just ignoring them (rape or trauma) then this lack of erotic arousal will affect her health. And not for the good.

Just think back to a time when you experienced sexual frustration, or even the loneliness that comes from a lack of personal intimacy. How did that make you feel? We know that frustration can lead to anxiety, and that feeling of being alone can lead to depression.

And the head rules the health of our physical body if this situation i allowed to continue.

How to avoid this.

Masturbation is one solution and although this is great, you get the short term endorphin effects of the pleasure spike; it doesn’t recreate the intimacy. Foreplay and being penetrated by another creates a fulfilling primal energy.

This is where the sensual massage and specifically the yoni tantra massage come into their own.

By seeing a professional sensual masseur, you’ll be transported off to a place in your imagination so powerful that you will no longer be lacking. Their hands will create the same erotic effect during women massage that you’ll experience during varied and prolonged sexual stimulation.

All of this before we even start to think about the intimacy of skilled fingers arousing every sensitive nerve ending on your body. You’ll feel the effects immediately. 

Our clients are emotionally unlocked after a women massage. Everything that they’ve kept bolted down inside comes flooding out to combine physical release of frustration with sexual. This leads to an understandable knock on effect of being more grounded. Our clients feel less anxious, and we’ve explained the reasons for this earlier. Their calm leads to them being more confident generally through life. And this all follows down the chain of life to mean they are more relaxed and thus way healthier. 

Feeling good doesn’t stop there. This added confidence can lead to an improved life balance for example, eating is more controlled, weight falls off and then the cycle of confidence and health only further develops.

There are also some physical effects that come from this lack of tension.

While scoring an orgasm is a great inducer for having a women massage with the inclusion of the yoni, in addition to noticing a hotter sex life after your massage, you’ll also perhaps experience a reduction in pain.

Pelvic pain and trauma?

If you’re suffering with pain or if you’re holding trauma and tightness in your pelvic floor, then be sure to let your therapist know. He can adapt the session to improve these symptoms by incorporating more breathing into the ritual, before and during your yoni massage.

We hold tension in our pelvis for many deep emotional reasons which the therapy can release. 

But the practice of massages can also relax tension from activity, such as the way we stand or sit. This can cause fascia to tighten around the space. When your therapist uses their fingers to hit different spots, combining this with your breathing will release rigidity.

If you’ve had problems with orgasms in the past, you’ll be surprised how this physical relaxing can free up your pleasure receptors too. 

Emotional trauma can also impact how this spot tightens. During the treatment, your masseur will first connect with you. You’ll perform breathing exercises at the beginning to connect on a deep subconscious level. This process works a bit like meditation and is one of the key techniques, the purpose of which is to make you more comfortable. 

Following this with a light, non-invasive touch will bring about even more positive emotions. Your therapist will always go at your pace. And only ever with your permission.

This gentle attention is nourishing to your emotional self. You’ll naturally open and feel less pain stored on a psychological and physical level than in the past. It’s only then that treatments will deepen to incorporate a loving pressure to the internal muscles on the wall of your vagina. If you give permission.

What will people think?

Who cares! They don’t need to know. Plus with vaginal steaming and labiaplasty procedures vaginal beauty is having a huge moment. Why would a women massage including yoni tantra be any different?

Regardless, this is something that you’re doing for yourself in a safe environment with a trained professional. And did we say it’s for yourself? It doesn’t affect anyone else.

It doesn’t matter about your age, we’ve worked with clients who are anything from 18 to 80. Tantric massage isn’t governed by how many days you have lived on this earth. It’s about connecting through the tissue to a deeper place, which ultimately leads to a way deeper touch.

Our clients also range from married women, divorced women, ladies who are in a couple with a partner but remain unfulfilled sexually. We also work with women who are single and are after more than any one-night stand with an untrained stranger can produce. Another important section of our client base is helping women who have recently suffered a break up or loss move forward with their lives. Emotionally and sexually.

The healing benefits of being with a trained tantra therapist are special. Whether you’re looking to unlock that elusive orgasm, or have a session to heal emotional wounds, we’re with you. We don’t judge and your male practitioner is experienced. He knows what a vulva is all about, how to combine this with the sensitive nerves in and around your vagina with those in your clitoris so you leave having risen like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Why do our clients want women massage with yoni tantra?

“I’m not sexually satisfied by my partner and need relief”

“I naturally have an inbuilt/ in bread guilt about sex and sexual intimacy”

“Neither myself nor my partner have the sexual skill to satisfy me”

“I’m no longer suited to my partner”

“My partner is complacent about our lovemaking. Little or no foreplay”

“I’ve recently had an increase in my libido”

“What’s wrong with a little non-involved sensual discovery? I want some time to myself”

“I love my partner, but our relationship is sexually lacking”

“A relationship is too much trouble, I don’t have the time or the energy to commit what is needed. The convenience is great for me.”

“My body image was lacking. The services these guys offer is second to none in terms of both sensitivity to my feelings and insecurities, but also the genuine relaxation that I feel after my release.”

“It feels great to have my thighs massaged all the way to the top. This kind of sensual massage has always been a fantasy of mine. And it doesn’t disappoint. I wish I’d done it sooner.”

“The women massage offers me comfort since my husband has died, both during and after the session.”

Please note:

This is not sex. At no point during the women massage, or the yoni tantra massage will you be offered or expected to deliver sex. This is purely a beautiful but professional therapeutic guide across the erogenous zones of your mind and body to help with sensual discovery of your sexual and emotional self. For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions