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Special service massage. Is it sex?

Imagine lying face down. The soft hands of your sensual massage therapist glide over your skin with a sensuous touch which alights every single one of your nerve endings. Your tired body which only a few moments earlier had been lethargic from the strains of the day is instantly invigorated. A heat from the blood which had been lying dormant floods down from your core trickling to every extremity.And then all the stresses and strains of work and of family, evaporate as you allow yourself to float into the blissful innocence of a simple touch.

Skin on skin.

Nerves connecting.

Energy alighting.

With only a hint of temptation. The pressure builds. Your breathing deepens as your sensual massage therapist leans over you. You keep your head buried in the massage table, the head cradle hiding how you bite your lip as you sense rather than feel an immaculate touch. The divine intensity of the moment continues to build now obliterating all tasks on your to do list, all ideas of anything real outside of this special moment.

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Skin on skin. Nerves connecting. Energy alighting.

The special services of your massage therapist are simple, and yet so incredibly effective.

Who knew that massage therapy would be quite so liberating.You spread your legs a little wider, a silent beckoning of where you’re aching for the soft touch of hands to slip to next. Your breath catches as you wait, holding your breath to see whether your aching will be satiated by the special massage you’re losing yourself to.

Those extra special hands falter, you’re sure there’s a pause. And then, they’re gone. The smooth, agile stokes speeding up as they head away from the area.You shift your position, the pressure now all consuming. The hands. Those hands. They’re there again, specialist massage techniques, tempting and teasing you with possibilities. You release the breath you’ve been holding, allow it to float free from your throat and once again surrender to the subtle power of the liberation of an expert massage delivered by someone so totally in control.

You give up fighting,

begging isn’t attractive and you allow yourself instead to be at the mercy of your erotic massage therapist. You fall, fast, allowing all tension to release from your body, from your mind and this is only when you truly understand what beauty there is in the art of sensual touch.

This relaxing experience is a mind blowing wellness technique where stress drains from your system and in so doing allows your brain to work in a manner which is totally inexperienced in many of our stressful lives. Therapeutic touch doesn’t have to be about breaking down tight muscles, it can be done from the inside out.

When you leave, you hold yourself differently. Your vision is still blurry as you leave the darkened room and squint to adjust to the real world again. ‘Was that really only an hour or two?’ you ask yourself as you brush a hand through your wayward hair. You feel like a different person.

You feel like a different person.

And this is surely what special service massage is about. It’s about taking what you came in with and throwing it out, only keeping the good that you’ve buried for fear of losing control in life. But, what’s interesting is that when you surrender to a trained stranger’s touch, your inner self is unlocked and you release the pain and tension of the daily grind.

To book special service massage text 07982 491392 today. For more information on sensual massage services in Romford, Essex, check out this page. To go back to our original question, is special service massage sex? No. It’s better.