The term erotic hypnosis has been floating around for a while, but there has been a recent growth in chatter. When you look on the internet there is a lot of trash talk about it. If you want to see some of that, just look at Pornhub. That is NOT what we’re talking about.

Here’s the truth.

The definition of erotic hypnosis. 

By creating a state of heightened awareness, we build a state of mind that is more able to receive a suggestion. For instance, if you have an active imagination, then during the process of erotic hypnosis we’re stimulating that even further. If you normally are not so creative of mind, we awake that side of you.

During the process you build a detachment from your physical self which may sound odd as the whole point for many clients is to have greater, more intense orgasms. But this detachment brings about access to your psycho-spiritual self, which in turn gives you a greater sensitivity to sound and touch. 

This is what allows you to reach a heightened state of sexual symbiosis.

What is hypnosis?

This is the state of heightened awareness. Some people train in it. To be clear, we haven’t, we’re tantra experts who use the mind to bring you to the same state of being able to access different ways of thinking and use of your imagination.

You don’t need to worry about this; we are experienced and trained, and the title is just that. At its core, hypnosis is self managed. You allow yourself to be a willing participant, similar to meditation and mindfulness.

This is how over time clients learn to put themselves in this state of mind whilst being totally alone and experience deeper orgasms through the suggestions they allow their mind to create.

What is hypnotherapy?

This is the process of using the hypnotic state of your mind for whatever therapy you choose, This could be more intensive orgasm or for a male, enhancement of your penis, whether this be in the time it takes to ejaculate or strengthening the hardness of your penis without pills. It could even help anxiety surrounding a sexual encounter. These are just examples, the list is endless.

History of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been around for years, thousands in fact. Its roots are traced all the way to the ancient Hindus and Greeks. This is why erotic hypnosis has great roots with tantra.

Is erotic hypnosis real?

For sure. And it has been around for years, even though the term has only recently gained public awareness. We use this to develop the trance like state that we go into during an elevated tantra experience. Before being known as erotic hypnosis, the same thing was often referred to as ‘recreational hypnosis’ or ‘hypnotic fantasy,’

How does it work?

Generally one person will adapt the position of authority or power during the process. In terms of tantra, this will always be your tantric therapist. And then you’ll relax, breathe and life away from your body and into the pleasures of your erotic mind.

Will I fall asleep, it’s meant to be erotic?

No. You will be anything but asleep. You will feel deeply relaxed with a heightened state of internal consciousness. The outside world will be irrelevant for this period, as your subconscious is more open to the power of suggestion.

Instead of falling asleep, you’ll use visualisation in a similar way to if you’re working with guided meditation to stimulate thoughts in your brain and achieve this deep state of arousal.

What happens during the session?

As with a tantric massage, these sessions start with deep breathing. You can choose to keep your eyes open or closed. Whichever you decide, this process helps to calm your mind and set the scene for more specific mental role playing.

erotic hypnosis role play of bondage BDSM
BDSM role play including bondage could be a fantasy that you play out with erotic hypnosis

Your therapist will be dominant and you will comply with the fantasy role you have been given. This could extend to BDSM, multiple partners, sex outside of your marriage/ relationship or any other topic of your choosing. If you’d prefer to leave this blank, then that’s fine too. The topic if you choose one is entirely your fantasy. As trust builds over time and your therapist takes on more of a friend role, you may extend the scenarios.

Isn’t this mind control?

Nope. It is not. Your therapist will be taking the role of dominant, but they will not be controlling you and when you finish your session, your life will go back to normal. With the exception that you may be more sexually and sensually aware. 

Your tantra therapist will provide stimulus through erotic suggestions and you will take these to your mind and allow your body, in its relaxed state, to focus and run with these.

Whilst you have given your consent at the beginning during the consultation process, you will be able to speak and act on your own will at any time during the process. It is a common misconception that you are entirely a tool for your therapist’s intimate and psychological games during the practice.

That said, you do need to be open to receiving a new experience, otherwise you won’t experience the benefits. If you don’t trust then your mind won’t switch to the state of hypnosis and your tantric therapist’s words will be just a voice that you listen to.

Am I allowed to touch my therapist during erotic hypnosis?

No. That is the opposite of the point. You’re not even going to touch yourself, if you have an orgasm it will be a hands-free orgasm. The only contact with your therapist will be their words and the emotional connection which transports you to your most private world.

Will this help my relationship issues?

It depends why you have them. If it is from lack of control or sexual matching, then it could do because erotic hypnosis works with an individual so they eventually can easily access different levels of intimacy. 

But, if your issues are due to some external factor, then it’s unlikely that erotic hypnosis will answer those forms of pain.

Who is erotic hypnosis good for?

Anyone who is struggling to enjoy pleasure from their current sexual relationship but does not want to cheat. on your partner. You don’t even have to be undressed during this activity. The choice is yours. Your therapist will be clothed.

If you want to participate in an alternative type of sensual exposure, then this is a risk free way of doing so. You may also surprise yourself at the sexual fantasies that you held so deep within yourself that you didn’t know they existed.

This is an hour’s session and it costs £120 for the hour. Text us now to book.

Consider this a form of sexual entertainment if you don’t have any sexual issues. There are no risks. You’re just having fun in a safe environment. There’s no age limit, no issue if you’re a female or male, erotic hypnosis can help everyone. As long as you’re willing.