Unsatisfied with sex? Want to reconnect with your partner?

There’s no need in this day and age to live a life where one partner (or both) is unsatisfied with sex.

And yet we hear this all the time.

You’re in a committed relationship with your partner. Whether that be a husband/ wife or recent partner, where literally everything else within your relationship is top notch, your sex life is suffering. And so because we love our partner, and we love everything else about the time we spend together, we put up with a less than acceptable sex life leaving us feeling unsatisfied with sex.

1. Cultures affect sexual behaviour.

This could be because you have different ways of approaching sex, and your sex life naturally, or it could be because some aspects are just off limits in certain cultures.

For instance, oral sex is off limits for African men. Asian women will often consider intimate touch to be taboo for so long until they are married that making the switch once they are in a committed relationship isn’t always as easy as flicking a switch.

2. Age differences and experience levels cause frustrations

If you’re with someone way less experienced than you it may seem like a great idea that you can teach them everything you need them to know about sex. The issue comes in when we quickly realise that sex isn’t a training session. That can be a bit of a passion killer to anyone’s sex lives. A little bit of self discovery is wonderful, but when it’s every time, we understand. It can be tough, and wind up leaving you being sexually unsatisfied.

3. Communication (or lack of) can create a rift the size of the Grand Canyon.

No-one wants to be the one to tell their partner that they’re not doing it right, that their best efforts are leaving us unsatisfied with their sex. We imagine being on the other end of the conversation receiving the message from someone we love that we they are leaving our sexual desire unsatisfied.

Or that we’re having unsatisfying sex with them.

It’s tough.

But, the depths of sex and intimacy are by nature incredibly personal and emotional that we need to find a way to link in our sex drive. We can’t expect it to be ok to live dissatisfied with sex for the rest of our lives. Eventually that wedge will grow.

Seeing a sex therapist as a couple isn’t always the way forward, perhaps one won’t go due to shame or being embarrassed, or sadly another doesn’t feel they are living with an issue. And so often times it comes down to you seeing the help and satisfaction outside of the relationship.


Sensual massage Essex
We’re here to tell you that needing your sexual fulfillment is valid

And we’re here to tell you that this is fine.

You are allowed to have your personal emotions and as long as you have tried your best and you’re seeking help with the best of relationship intentions then we’re not going to judge you. Sometimes it’s simply impossible for another individual with their own hopes and fears to understand the depths of sex for another.

That doesn’t meant that your emotions are any less valid.And that’s what is great about the sensual massage that we offer in Romford, Essex. We don’t offer you sex. It’s simply not on the cards. Because we are trained and we know that people who are unsatisfied with sex life can often think that sex is the only answer.

It isn’t.

A deep sensual satisfaction is.

One where you discover pieces that you never knew about how your body works. One where you fall into the depths of the pleasure you can receive from a simple touch. And one where you can learn and use these skills at home to stimulate your flailing sex life with your partner so that neither one of you need live with an unsatisfying sex life any longer.

So for anyone who feels unsatisfied sexual tension and believes that unsatisfied sexual desire is something they need to live with, we’re here to tell you you’re wrong. Our trained tantra therapists can show you how to use your body and how to enjoy that of your partner. They will reconnect you with emotions you’ve buried, and allow you to discover sensations you’ve never felt. And then you can take this sensuous discovery to add health to relationships that may have been lying stagnant and untouched for years.

You don’t need to live within a relationship with your partner that has dysfunction at its core. Couples can be fully happy again, fulfilled and even study their sex life together in a new direction. Who knows what doors will open when you learn the answers to unlocking your partners inner self.

We don’t believe that a marriage should be stale struggle, that an orgasm should be shameful, off limits or unachievable. And our surprising tantra experts factor this into our sensual massage services leaving you, as a couple refreshed with a renewed and fulfilling interest in your combined sexual relations and inner desires.

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