The art of sensual massage can save a relationship. One of the ways that we can feel emotionally intimate with our partner is through physical intimacy.

But sometimes, we simply run out of ideas.The sensual massage is all about making love, with every part of our body other than through the actual act of making love. This isn’t about focussing on the goal of the orgasm, moreover, it’s about enjoying the sensations of getting there. And the bonus is, that when we do, the build up has been so incredible, the emotions so intense, that our relief is that much greater. And with way more power.

Sensual massage is also a great alternative if you’re abstaining from sex. For instance, if you’re on a break, or wanting to spice things up a bit. Or, you could simply be single and looking to enhance your understanding of the power and depth of just how intense you can feel the tiniest of sensations.

The art of a great sensual massage is to open up energy channels. This allow a natural vitality to flow more freely and in so doing, you’ll be amazed at just how relaxing and invigorating even the slightest, most gentle of touches can be.If you’re looking to heal an emotional rift, then having experienced a mind blowing sensual massage can mean that you’re more able to deliver that to your partner.

You can sit silently and connect again without the need for words that come out wrong, or pure sex that just doesn’t do enough to put you on the road towards cleansing the past.

So what are the tools you need to master the art of sensual massage?

Firstly you.

And secondly a partner.

You don’t need fancy oils, although you can get hold of edible ones nowadays and some wonderful smelling ones.

But, here’s the thing.

This is about you and your partner getting closer.

So how about just keeping it simple and being about the two of you without the need for additional bits and pieces.

You just need you. And your heart. And the ability to carve out some time where you can just enjoy ‘being’ together. If you can muster up a sensual music playlist on spotify, then that’s all the better. We’d recommend this one here.

It’s amazing the power that a slow touch, without being dampened down by oils and lubricants can have. Just take your time, wandering over your partner’s body. You’ll find that as you work, you’ll start to experience them in a new way again.

A sensual veil will wrap the two of you in a languid moment of fresh discovery and as your partner reacts, so will you. You’ll become more in tune to each other, to the curves of a body you thought you knew inside out and of the way a breath can move you with its purest whisper.

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You can progress onto a silk blouse if you want. But later. The art of sensual massage is about taking it slow.

As you progress, you may want to pick up a silk blouse that your partner has removed, or experience the touch of leather against skin. But wait. Don’t jump into this. Do it once your nerves are on fire and you’re desperate to experience more.

The sky’s the limit!