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Terms and conditions

When a booking is made with sensual and tantric massage, Romford London Essex, time is allocated for the correct therapist to carry out the requested booking.  It may not be possible to change bookings or  the style of massage at the last minute.  By confirming a booking slot you agree to text to cancel or amend any booking made at your earliest convenience. 

By making the booking with sensual and tantric massage, Romford, Essex you agree to arrive on time for your treatment, a cancellation charge being the full cost of the treatment booked and cancelled, may apply should you be late. Cancellations or changes should be made no more than 24 hours before the booking time otherwise the full fee will be payable.  If you are more than ten minutes late and have not texted to let your masseuse know, your slot could be given to another client. If you miss an appointment, you will still be responsible for paying for this session as it has been reserved for you and therefore your therapist was unable to work with someone else. You will not be given extra time just because you are late. You have reserved the time with your masseuse, it is your responsibility to be there for that allocated time.

A minimum of 50% payment in advance is required for first time clients booking ahead of time. If you are booking an appointment which commences 8am or earlier, then regardless of how many times you have been in the past, payment must be made in full. It must be cleared before a session commences, if this is not the case then the session will be deemed cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and other terms of business will become applicable. If there is no way for your payment to be made in advance, either by bank transfer or cash, then you may still reserve a session, but an additional fee of £20 will be added to your booking fee.

Should you miss an appointment within the 24 hour cancellation window, you will be required to pay in advance of all future bookings as well as clearing the debt for the missed appointment.

It is a term of this booking that you  are honest and open with your therapist during the consultation process this is for your health as well as that of your masseuse. This can be quite an intense session and it is your best interests to disclose any and all health issues regardless of how irrelevant you may feel they are so that they can be taken into account during your massage.  You also accept that any treatment with sensual and tantric massage in no way replaces traditional medicine or treatments.

Payment on the day is to be by cash. Should alternative methods of payment be required, these can be arranged, but must be cleared before a massage takes place. We do have credit card facilities. There is an additional £5 charge to pay by card.

Sensual and tantric massage or any of its representatives will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or oneself whilst on the premises. Any lost property will be kept for a reasonable amount of time for collection before being disposed of. Sensual and tantric massage is a professional tantric and sensual therapy specialist providing only the therapies listed on this website, please note this when making your booking. 

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