If you’re looking for tantric therapy London, then Romford is East London. It’s half an hour on the train from London Liverpool Street and easily accessible from the A12 and A13 if you’re driving.

There are plenty of tantra therapists in London. They come and go. Sensual Massage Tantric Massage in Romford, East London has been around for years. Same practitioner. No changes.

So if you’re looking for a genuine tantric massage body practitioner that is easily accessible from London, then you’ve found your place.

Why make the trip for tantric therapy London?

There are plenty of people claiming to be tantra therapists in London. Anyone can learn the moves. They come, and they go. And many have never even done a course, they just claim to have. 

Some may be qualified in aromatherapy or work with muscular massage tools. These are not the same as tantra practice. Both work with the body, but we also work with your mind.

There’s no substitute for official tantra training with years of experience layered on top of that.

Plus living a holistic life including regular yoga and massages means that your therapist has the spiritual skills to tune in to your energy.

And anyone who knows about tantra and elevating physical experiences through the mind, understands the benefits of a spiritual love.

What massage do you offer?

We provide sensual massage and tantric massage (massagetantra) to female and male clients. These include a lingam (massagelingam) or yoni massage as standard, so please say if this isn’t what you’re looking for. 

In addition, you can add in the sacred intimacy of a prostate massage or rosebud massage too.

Please note: This is sensual healing, a voyage of positive discovery where you experience the erotic sensations of your heart that you’ve never experienced. 

Tantric feather brushing over naked stomach during sensual massage romford

Whilst this is a sexual experience, we have boundaries and are not offering sex and there needs to be an understanding and trust between you and your masseuse before your session starts.

What are the health benefits of sensual or tantric massage?

There is a mass of research on the internet that demonstrates the connection between reducing stress and massage. 

Taking this more sensual route to massage only heightens that experience. For you to get in touch with the pleasures of your body, your mind needs to switch off. This is how an hour’s intimate appointment with us leaves individuals feeling like they’ve relaxed for an entire afternoon.

And we have the techniques to help you with this. Before we even start any bodywork and massage, we’ll slip your brain into a safe place to relax with some breathwork and meditation. You’ll be surprised at how much support this gives your practices.

Who enjoys tantric therapy London?

This kind of massage therapy is great for a range of clients with differing issues. Whether you’re women or men discovering your hidden sensuality or learning skills to share within your relationship, although we don’t work with couples.

  • We also have clients who come to discover their sexuality under the calming touch of our hands. They use our knowledge and coaching to get under the skin of what they’ve kept hidden. 
  • People who aren’t satisfied with their partner.
  • Some use their sessions as workshops where they have discovered their loving spirit.
  • We have plenty of business people looking for professional relief. To be the less dominant receiver within the crazy walk of external expectations.
  • Our therapies help people looking for transformation in expressing themselves and to cast aside the shadow of shyness. They become more confident.
  • If you’re looking to access the cause of dysfunction you’ve been running from and so improve the wellbeing of your family life.
  • Our rituals unlock the mysteries of elusive authentic happiness. And heal regardless of race or self esteem.

What happens during my session?

I discuss fully a sensual massage on additional pages. This process is a light movement of two naked bodies together. Within the space you have the freedom to explore your body’ in a safe environment.

We launch your experience with the promise of consent. Giving up your power in this way is liberating on a deeper psychological note. This agreement sets the tone of mutual respect.

erotic hypnosis role play of bondage BDSM

From here on in, your tantric massage journey starts. By helping you to slip into a deep state of relaxation, the joy of sensual touch at our expert fingers builds. This changing tide of pleasure surges un-announced to create beautiful elite retreat from everyday life. You’re the explorer of your own body.

And then the joyful release at the end.

How can I book an appointment?

Your wonderful journey to understanding touch and the pleasure of your body starts when you first get in contact. You book your sessions and we give you our address. Text us now to book your tantric therapy London. 07982 491392.

In terms of routes, you can get here via a few stops on the tube/ tfl overground rail train or driving. We have free off street parking in the road where you can park.