Couple touching during a somatic sexology session in Romford
Somatic sexology is about connecting the mind and the body. And then when that’s done. Enjoying the power of touch and intimacy.

What is somatic sexology?

Somatic sexology is when somatics meet. Somatics are all about focussing your awareness throughout your body so that you feel more. This could be to do with making sure you don’t overdo it in the gym and by being aware you aren’t straining a muscle. Or, it could mean that you’re connecting back into your body so that you’re feeling everything. Yep, that’s everything.

This is where the sexology part comes in. That’s about studying human sexuality as we did when we studied tantra massage before we became somatic sexology therapists.

How does is work?

Have you ever tried yoga? Or meditation? That inward awareness that you have during these heightened states of awareness is transferred to tantra, and then combined with neuroscience and some psychology. We’ve rolled this into one almighty sensual massage experience that will surprise you with what you can feel.

This process of embodiment releases the restrictions that our busy mind puts on our ability to feel. If you’d like to learn more about this, then feel free to read our post on sexological bodywork.

What we do during your somatic sexology session?

We are highly skilled, well-trained tantric practitioners dedicated to empowering you in a way that will allow you to feel.
Be under no illusion. This is a powerful and life changing experience. We’ll aim to reignite your sense of passion and your curiosity about sensuality.
You somatic sexology practice will involve breath to still your mind and then we’ll play with movement, sound and touch to create a wonderfully liberating mindful awareness. The aim of this is to bridge the divide between your mind and body so that you operate as a whole again which enables you to get in touch with physical sensations and your emotions.

Tell me more about the somatic side

Somatic teaching acknowledges the basic importance of your mind and body being in union.

There have been advances in neuroscience recently which demonstrate that our mind and body constantly influence the other. #

This research also evidences the need for somatic practices in sexology, psychology, and other client-centred helping professions.

By working somatically, you invite your body to tune into the ways in which your mind receives information so you can explore the varied ways your body feels. This is how a sensual massage at our therapy centre in Romford, is always way more powerful than anything our competitors offer.

If you’d like to read more on somatic research, we recommend this book.

To book now, text us on 07982 491392 detailing that you’d like to book a somatic sexuality session.