Man and woman touching hands in sensual way before sexology bodywork begins
Sexological bodywork awakens sexual and erotic aspects of ourselves

Sexological bodywork is a pretty new term which describes the work that we do to improve the connection you have between your body and your mind.

It often confuses people when we talk like this, but here’s the thing. There is only one of you, one entity. And so, the idea that our mind and body should be aligned is actually not so unusual.

Sexological bodywork allows the sexual and erotic aspects of ourselves to awaken. Once they do this, they deepen. It’s all about shutting off your mind from the outside world and allowing your brain to connect with what is going on inside. This is where the tantra massage, or sensual massage comes in.

Why would you see a Sexological Bodyworker?

There’s a bunch of reasons, why men and women want to see a sexological bodyworker, but here are some of the most common:

  • If you’re unable to orgasm, it can help. It’s also great for premature ejaculation and difficulties getting or maintaining an erection
  • Perhaps you have anxiety or a trauma associated with sexual intimacy. Or have you lost your loved one and are struggling to move forward?
  • If you’re bored with your current sex life and need to feel that spark again.
  • Are you stuck in a pattern that is comfortable and do you want a new sexual experience, but you don’t want to cheat.
  • Your libido has changed and you want to fire it back up
  • A lot of people just want to learn how to experience more pleasure in their sexual and sensual lives. They may feel disconnected from their genitals and be looking to connect with touch again.
  • The above point can apply to women who have undergone a change, e.g. childbirth or eating disorder.
  • It’s not always easy to ask our loved one to adapt their natural style to please us. Perhaps you don’t actually know what to ask for.
  • One of the most basic human needs is to be touched. It’s not too much to ask.
  • Most people think they know how to masturbate, but do you really?
  • You just want to learn, and to have better sex. That’s fine too.

Does this mean we have sex?

No. Not on any level. Instead this is about teaching you to understand your body, to connect with it. And as a result to feel and experience the pleasures that may be passing you by.

Our sessions allow you to direct your own erotic development, access your personal arousal, and then to experience pleasure for pleasure’s sake. It’s truly enlightening. And invigorating.

To book your sexology bodywork session, book a sensual massage and be sure to give your therapist the full details of your situation when booking. To book, text, 07982 491392