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What is an undraped massage?

If you enjoy an undraped massage Essex, it’s a massage where you lie naked on the massage table without any kind of covering. You won’t have a towel to cover your body like you would in a draped massage. Your therapist is clothed for the duration of your treatment.

The idea of having an undraped massage is that you feel a sexy thrill from being exposed as your therapist touches you. It isn’t however a sensual massage and your hands will be kept to yourself even though you may be nude.

People like this kind of exposed massage also because it improves your comfort level by not having to adjust towels or underwear in the way during your treatment.

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benefits of undraped massage

Good if you need some muscular work

Can help to improve mobility

Eases physical tension

Relaxing and stress reducing

Time to yourself

Control premature ejaculation

undraped massage options

Basic undraped massage


You are naked

Swedish or deep tissue over your entire body

You’ll be on a massage table

Includes lingam or yoni massage


minimum 1 hour
then pro rata


 + rosebud attention


Optional extra

Everything in the prostate massage without the internal massage of your actual prostate gland



+ prostate massage


Optional extra

You’ll receive more attention to your rosebud throughout your massage

Will include the massage of your prostate during lingam massage



your questions about undraped massage

If this undraped massage is erotic, will I get a happy ending??

It’s usual that you will get hard during this style of massage therapy and by booking we assume that you have given your consent to also include a lingam massage. So, yes you will finish your massage with what is commonly known as a happy ending. If you don’t want this, then please discuss this with your services choice with your therapist during your consultation at the beginning of your treatment.

Can I have a deep tissue massage on my muscles whilst being undraped?

Yes, we’re happy to provide you with a deep tissue massage which uses a firm pressure or a more relaxing Swedish style of massage whilst you are nude. This doesn’t have to be an erotic massage style, even though of course you will have a happy end to it.

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Will I be warm enough during my session if I’m not covered with a towel??

You’ll always be comfortable and to be honest, most of our clients are that focussed on the touch that they are receiving that the temperature in the room is the least of their concerns.

Is there anything I need to do?

Please note, your massage therapist is a professional, just because you are coming for an undraped massage, please do not make the mistake of thinking that she is an escort. Likewise, you’ll notice the price of this standard undraped massage appointment is less than a sensual massage. This isn’t a cheap way to get a sensual massage, and it’s certainly not sexual or sex. The only way you’ll experience this is with your fantasy because there is a distinction between the techniques used during the flow of this undraped massage and our sensual massages, so if you’re looking for an amazing sensual experience, we’d suggest that to ensure you are happy, you book the real deal. That said, the undraped massage option can be an incredibly relaxing experience.

On the point of respect, we’ve heard it all. And we don’t need to hear it again, so if you’re thinking of asking to see her female pussy or for you to receive an anal massage as part of a standard undraped massage, or suck your hard cock for example; something equally as disrespectful, then we’d rather you didn’t book. Just because we have chosen the profession of being a masseuse, it does not mean that our privacy or consent should be disrespected or taken for granted. Your money buys you an undraped massage as described, nothing more.

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