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What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a sensual journey that helps men; women and couples. We work with the undiscovered power of your body to uncover emotions and sensations. Through the power of breath, a calm mind and inward reflection your body will gradually awaken, the effects of which are often mind blowing.

Tantra is a gentle touch which stimulates every nerve. Your therapist will include your entire body in the session, arousing sensations with a variety of gentle touches and then leaving to move onto another. This builds tension over the course of your session which if you choose to include the release at the end with the lingam massage will be special.

We don’t do tantric massage on new clients. You must first start with the sensual massage which is the child of tantra.

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benefits of tantric massage

Assists if you’re struggling to gain or maintain an erection

Helps heal hang ups e.g. body image or sexuality

Improves your performance as a lover as you better understand possibilities

Relaxing and stress reducing

Explore and appreciate your inner happiness (sounds crass, we know, but it’s an eye opener)

Control premature ejaculation

tantric massage options

Basic tantric massage


You and your masseuse are both naked

Sensual touch over your entire body

You’ll be on a tantric massage mattress on the floor

Includes lingam or yoni massage


minimum 1.5 hour
then pro rata


 + rosebud attention


Optional extra

Everything in the prostate massage without the internal massage of your actual prostate gland



+ prostate massage


Optional extra

You’ll receive more attention to your rosebud throughout your massage

Will include the massage of your prostate during lingam massage



your questions about tantric massage

Am I likely have an orgasm?

It’s likely, but of course this depends on what is going on in your life, everyone is different at different times so we never guarantee, but our success rate is high.

 We like you to wait until the end (especially males) even though it may be tempting to release before or several times. This is so you are able to enjoy the full intensity of your session

What will happen during my tantric massge in Essex?

Your tantric massage will start with a short chat about your health and what you require. You’ll then go into your therapy room where you will change at your leisure and make yourself comfortable. Once you are ready, you shout and your therapist will enter.

During your tantric massage we will slowly stimulate your senses with a range of different sensations that build over the time as you emotionally open up and lead you down the path to complete sexual revolution.

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Why are sessions longer than a normal massage?

Tantra is a very slow process if you want to experience it at its best, so we need to leave time for connecting at the beginning with breathing and visualisation. Once you achieve this, intensity builds over the period, so it’s not something you can rush. 

If you don’t have a lot of time, we’ve created our sensual massage which is based on the same principles. This is excellent and only takes an hour.

Is there anything I need to do?

Nothing, except be prepared to indulge yourself and let go. It’s often alien in a reciprocal relationship to allow yourself to receive and likewise, if you have used some other services on offer, not to try and control the proceedings. You should be totally relaxed to experience the best from your session. If you can manage that; the sky is really the limit.

Please be respectful and shower thoroughly before your appointment.

This is about you receiving a beautiful, life changing pleasure, so enjoy!

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