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What is sensual massage?

Clients visit us for a sensual massage from around Essex and London. And beyond. We have clients who live in Toronto and Hong Kong. And this is because, when you visit us and experience a sensual massage, it's pure, hedonistic pleasure.

But, it is so much more.

The massage is gentle and sensual and through this touch we seek to awaken your skin to the sensual pleasures that we bury with our busy lives and instead take a bit of time to tap in to the core of your senses.

This is a completely personal experience, we are emotional beings. No two sessions are the same. By relaxing and just taking some ‘you’ time you will open up to the pleasure of your own body. You’ll discover erogenous zones that you never even knew about. And we’re not talking genitalia here!

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issues that sensual masasge may help

Spicing up your love life

Allowing a breath of fresh air

Escape from routine

Time away from pressures

Stress reduction

Dealing with anxiety

Overcoming trauma

Providing a haven

sensual massage options

Basic package


You and your masseuse are both naked

Sensual touch over your entire body

Includes lingam or yoni massage


price p/hr
minimum 1 hour


 + rosebud attention


Optional add on

More attention to your rosebud area throughout



+ prostate massage


Optional add on

More attention to your rosebud area throughout

Prostate massaged (male G-Spot) during lingam



your questions answered

An erotic massage is time for you. It’s a period during which you experience new and exotic blissful sensations. They are so overpowering that you will have no choice but to surrender to their intensity. You’ll forget all about the pressures of the world outside the safe bubble in which you currently exist. Instead, you’ll allow sensations you have never experienced before to wash over every part of your conscious being thrilling you to the very tips of your…  well, you can fill in the rest.

You’ll discover all of this while cocooned within a completely safe and secure environment. Within just an hour or two, you’ll appreciate having escaped the world . And it will feel like you’ve been checked out for an entire afternoon.

Your sensual massage service is done by a female for a male, or male for a female client. It includes massage of your genitals. For a male this is a lingam massage and for a female, it’s called a yoni massage. If you don’t want these included, that’s fine, just let us know. However, you’ll find the whole erotic massage experience something that will more than likely make you want this part of the massage, even if you’re nervous at the outset. In this case, you can always change your mind.

Here’s what one of our clients says about the sensual massage he had in Romford, Essex:

“I came expecting something similar to the other services I’ve been to before. I wasn’t prepared for the difference. You blew my toes off. I’m lucky I didn’t have a heart attack. What did you do? You hardly touched me? I’ll be a client for life after that.”

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Sensual touch and erotic massage has so much power over our overall well-being. Just a simple massage which is both gentle and sensual has the force to recharge and heal your depleted energies. There are technical reasons behind this which link to your fight or flight mode relaxing. In so doing, your body unwinds.

As stress and sexual tension are inextricably linked, this process of somatic bodywork allows you to experience sensations hidden deep within your core. The results are phenomenal. Through reviving and awakening your inner self, you become naturally more contented which fills us with an innate sense of ecstatic pleasure that lasts for days.

A sensual body massage allows you to experience this level of satisfaction, teaching you how to respond differing touch and can help us recharge both in and after the event. If we are dealing with stress, we don’t function at full steam and we’re then battling, dealing with the stress rather than preventing diseases. And let’s face it, the process is way more fun than some of the other options.

If you’d like to read more, then you may find this blog post interesting.

You may have an orgasm during your sensual massage, but you may not. No two sessions are the same and it very much depends how you are feeling on the day. The main aim is not to give you an orgasm, this may be a side effect, but it has so many beautiful sensory feelings attached to it, by having a gentle erotic massage, you open yourself to the simple pleasures that a delicate massage touch provides. It is to allow you to experience something unique so that you may do so again in the future.

We include yoni massage for females or lingam massage for men so that your whole body gets treated should you not want this please let us know.

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