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What is a naturist massage?

Naturist massage or undraped massage is a sensual massage where you and your therapist are as nature intended, skin only. This puts both client and therapist on the same natural level.

Many people prefer to be nude during a massage as this is a way to forget about the outside world, no stress, expectations, shame, worries, negativity that holds you down or strangles you.

All our massages including sensual massage, tantric massage and yoni massage are naturist.

Can I touch you?

There is no intimate touching of your masseuse although it is natural to reach and touch/ stroke non sexual areas.  It’s important to bear in mind, this is not an escort service; there are no ‘extras’.

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benefits of naked naturist massage

Feeling of liberation

Quietly erotic sensation

Reduces inhibitions about your body

Awakens your senses

Enhances intimacy ahead of your lingam massage (hand relief to finish)

naked naturist massage

Basic package


You and your masseuse are both naked

Works your sensual pleasure senses rather than muscles

Sensual touch over your entire body awakens intimacy

Includes lingam or yoni massage


price p/hr
minimum 1 hour


 + rosebud attention


Optional add on

More attention to your rosebud area throughout



+ prostate massage


Optional add on

More attention to your rosebud area throughout

Prostate massaged (male G-Spot) during lingam



your questions answered

Are there any other benefits to naturist massage?

It’s very liberating.

You can forget about life for a while and just enjoy your natural body being worked and relaxed.

Essentially this is the sensual massage so you can also check out the benefits of that.

Will I have an orgasm during a naturist massage?

Yes, usually you’ll have a lingam massage as well which creates a build-up of sexual tension with different types of touch, 1 of which is skin on skin.