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A lingam massage for men (female equivalent is the yoni massage) is a massage of your genitals. It isn’t just a basic hand job. Your preceding massage will build intensity of emotion, which is then teased to climax during your lingam massage.

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issues that lingam massage may help

Enhances sexual energy

Channels lust

Allows you more control

Calms sexual energy for home

Can orgasm without ejaculation

Helps premature ejaculation

Stronger erections

Road to sexual longevity

Helps with stress and anxiety

Feel pleasure throughout body

A time to switch off

Learn to re-programme sexual state

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Taoist (pronounced dowist) is all about blending sensuality with our body, mind and soul. Sex is sacred and deeply spiritual so it enhances us personally as individuals.  Within this is the pleasure of orgasm. This is also meant to develop us to new heights.

We use oil and stimulation techniques whilst caressing your abdomen, thighs and your pelvis. It takes time, but when we approach your penis, this is where you explore a heightened state of sexual tension. 

This tension builds. And just when you think it can’t develop any further, it steps up again.

There are over 25 different methods of massaging and rubbing your penis. Each has a specific objective so you as the receiver are more able temporarily internalise your sexual energy.

This gives you better control of your arousal which is different to what we commonly understand. We are brought through life focussing on the orgasm, but in so doing we forget about energy.

Your tantric masseuse knows the right amount of pressure to apply to which spot to intensify your sexual desire. She’ll vary her speed and pressure so that you’ll have a strong sense of ejacualtion. But then she’ll slow down and refocus.

By refocussing and nurturing this energy it’s possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

You’ll feel the waves of the orgasmic power, some will be intense, others more subtle.

lingam massage – included in these massages

swedish or deep tissue

You are naked, your therapist is clothed

Relaxing Swedish or therapeutic deep tissue massage

Finishes with lingam massage

See prostate massage for optional add-ons

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price p/hr
1 hour upwards


half hour


sensual massage

You and your masseuse are naked

Gentle tantric touch

Teasing stimulation of your entire body

Finishes with lingam massage

Minimum 1 hour

See prostate massage for optional add-ons

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price p/hr


tantric massage

You and your tantra therapist are naked

Teasing stimulation of your entire body

Finishes with lingam massage

Peformed on a tantra bed on the ground

Minimum 1.5 hours

See prostate massage for optional add-ons

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price 1.5 hour


price 2 hours


your questions answered

Still wondering what a lingam massage is?

The lingam is the name for your penis. It is also known as wand of light. This perhaps helps to explain which part of the female is the yoni.

We are emotional beings and men especially, hold a lot of stress and heartache in your genitals.

Lingam massage is included in both tantric and sensual body massages as standard. These are such erotic experiences that to not include a lingam or yoni massage would generally leave you climbing the walls.

You can always say if you don’t want a lingam or yoni included within your sensual body massage.

Through gentle touch we seek to awaken your body to the sensual pleasures that we bury with our busy lives and instead take a bit of time to tap in to the core of your senses. This is a truly intimate and personal experience during which you’ll uncover fresh erogenous zones.

A lingam massage is never done alone. We don’t work with men who just want a quick 15 minute hand relief and to then be on their way. We specialise in creating erotic, sensual and ground breaking experiences for our clients.

Is this a naked massage?

If you’ve booked the sensual or tantric massage then yes you are naked and your tantra massage therapist is also naturist. A deep tissue will be clothed.

Your masseuse will use their body to caress and seduce your senses, but this is not a mutual groping experience.

Will I climax during a lingam massage Romford?

Usually our clients will, but it depends why you are seeking therapy with us. Also, tantra traditionally seeks to prolong the orgasm and its intensity, rather than give a quick fix, or releasing more than once in the same session. What’s also important is to understand that no two sessions are the same.

By having a lingam massage, you open yourself to the simple pleasure your body can provide you by reaching the brink of orgasm and then coming back down to feel an even greater intensity the next time. It is to allow you to explore unique emotions and blissful sensations.

If you’d like to know more, you will find this blog post interesting.

 Can I just have the lingam massage?

We don’t offer a lingam massage as a standalone session because we are trained tantra massage therapists.

We include a lingam massage as a wonderful addition to your full body sensual, tantric or deep tissue massage, to enhance and heighten your experience.

We’re not about being an escort for a quick buck. We want to give you a sublime experience that will blow your mind and that you’ll think about for years to come. We can’t do that with a lingam massage alone. 

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