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ladies full masasge, Romford essex

Tell me about the ladies full massage

The ladies full massage is always carried out in our specialist rooms in Romford, Essex. This is where we’ll create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere that will instantly put you at ease.

Think about this as the baby sister to the yoni tantra massage. You’ll be naked and you’ll lie on a standard massage table. You can choose whether you cover yourself with towels or not from the outset, but as the massage continues, your male masseuse will build excitement by grazing over your entire body.

He’ll pay particular attention to your erogenous zones. You may feel his breath whisper over your neck, his nails may inadvertently skip over a sensitive nerve area. Or his hands may slip down your sides to skim over the side of your breast. In short he’ll be playing with your sensitive nerves all over your body, using a gentle stimulation to arouse pleasure from places you didn’t know were possible. He won’t concentrate on your genitals, even when the towel slips away. That’s not to say that his hand won’t glance over this spot, your skin may even touch his. But, this isn’t about your yoni. Even though you may change your mind half way through your ladies full massage.

Why would I have a ladies full massage?

Builds confidence and security with your masseuse

Builds a fabulous sexual tension which you can release at home

Brightens up a dull day

Recharges your sexual enthusiasm

Dips a toe into the tantric water

What’s wrong with a bit of sensual titivation?

2 timing options

1 hour

 You can choose whether your masseuse is naked so you’re on the same level, or clothed.

Your laddies full massage will take place on a standard massage table

You may choose whether you initially cover your naked body with a towel

Full body massage includes all external areas of your body

Stimulates excitement


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1 hour


1.5 hours

 Includes everything in the one hour session, but this is great, particularly for your first time as it allows you the time to relax into the session.

Often women take some time to settle down and as a consequence don’t enjoy their ladies full massage as much as they expect because their over tense brain overrides their sensual pleasure receptors.


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1.5 hours


Who will my masseuse be for my ladies full massage?

He’s in his 40s and very good looking. More importantly, he’s also kind and trustworthy. You can  be sure that when you book your ladies full masasge you won’t be disappointed. 

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your questions answered

This womans massage is daunting, can I keep my towel on?

Yes if that makes you more comfortable, of course you can. And if at any time you feel uncomfortable then just tell your male masseuse and he’ll adapt the session to better suit you. Even if that means you revert back to a less intimate style.

This is your session, it’s about you being happy and enjoying your time. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll happily accomodate you.

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Is there an age limit for the ladies full masasge?

Not at all. Our clients are a variety of ages from well and truly retired to being in their twenties and just discovering who they are.

We’re happy to work with ladies of all ages.

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I want to book this for my wife/ partner is that possible?

Nope. Not without their knowledge. Although this doesn’t have the same level of intimacy as a yoni tantra masasge, this is still an incredibly sensual experience and we would never book a lady in for a full masasge like this without speaking with her first.

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Will I have an orgasm during my ladies full massage?

Possibly not. This is about creating a huge amount of sensual pleasure, teaching you about how your body can provide erotic stimulation without needing to engage your genitals.

It’s also about building trust with your masseuse. 

However, if you’re able to orgasm through nipple play etc, then you may well experience an orgasm, and certainly over time this will be more likely. However, it is not the main aim of the ladies full massage.

If you are looking for an orgasm, then you’d be better placed to book straight in for the yoni tantra massage

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