But does a sensual relationship need to be with your partner? Ideally, yes. But nothing is written in stone. We are sensual in life, but we are dangerously deprived of touch. We are not closely connected with others, but rather than approach this and gain what we physically and emotionally need, we think it is inappropriate and to lock ourselves in boxes, physically separating ourselves from others.

Touch activates oxytocin, a binding hormone. The mother’s love for her child is established, as well as affection among lovers.

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Touch releases oxytocin

One does not have enough tact, it does not produce this hormone. Many studies have shown that lack of contact causes children to develop emotionally and physically. However, we deprive ourselves of touch.

We’ve completely lost the understanding of the sexy. We put it in a box, sex is a great modern contraindication, anything that can be associated with it is immediately marked as incorrect.

Yeah, sensuality can lead to sex, like a dinner can. But sensuality itself is not sexy. You can talk to your friends, family and absolutely strangers, for whom you do not feel any desire.

Sex is your second round of energy, the nervous chakra. It is associated with water and taste. Kissing, bathing and flowing are properties of water. It’s about your desires and happiness, it’s about what you want to feel good.

It is unconditional love, without objects, of a deep and intimate connection. Although it still gives you a lot of pleasure, it mixes one with another being, giving the highest desires, not animists. Touch and open the heart together.

We have enough libido, but we are hungry for a sensual relationship.

Sensual relationship
We are hungry for a sensual relationship. It’s natural to us.

Relearning to open your body to give and receive touch is a beautiful and healing practice. You are a sensual presence, you need to touch — so express it! Stroke each other. Sexuality is a language that allows you to express your deep emotions better than any word will do.

Add more sensuality to your relationships, and no longer worry about passions disappearing. If you continue to connect to your heart level in your partner, continue to provide you with your touch and love, maintain a strong connection on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

That’s why I’m a great supporter of sensual massage. If this isn’t possible with your partner, then book a sensual massage from a professional trained tantra therapist. It is a beautiful practice that combines sensuality and sensuality perfect for each couple. If we all do a little sensual massage, we will heal a lot of broken relationships.

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