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What is a yoni tantra massage?

A yoni tantra massage is an inspiring concept of sacred sexuality. This ancient culture is often lost within our busy Western lives which are overcome with work and responsibility. But the idea of approaching a female’s body—particularly her vagina—with a sense of worship is like an awakening.

What does yoni mean in Sanskrit?

Firstly, Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. The Hindu scriptures are written in this form. The fact that it is so ancient is telling, because way back in the day the Sanskrit language refers to yoni. Yoni tantra is a religious text.

The yoni refers to a female’s vagina in ancient Sanskrit, but it’s the translation of this which is wonderful. ‘Yoni’ literally meaning ‘sacred space’. In tantra the vagina is sacred. The tantra philosophy aims to approach the women’s vagina’s with utmost love and respect, and so this is the premise of the yoni tantra massage. Yoni tantra is all about the pleasure your body can allow you to experience by drawing some focus to opening our pelvic floor which is where we lock away tension. For yoni tantra is a practice which is truly about honouring a woman, allowing her the space to experience selfless pleasure while exploring the sacred side to our very valid sexuality.

The yoni tantra isn’t about having an orgasm per se. This is one outcome, but we’re more about providing you with waves of building pleasure which grow into twirls of multiple orgasms throughout your tantra massage. In effect you become the orgasm, rather than it being something that happens to you. In this way we’re helping you, as the goddess reconnect with your own sexuality.

We are emotional beings and hold a lot of stress and heartache in our genitals.

When we talk about a tantric massage we are talking about total, blissful relaxation during which we can connect with the way our body works, including our genitalia, without the distraction of busy schedules and the burden of being the carer for a million different people and responsibilities.

The tantra massage is the language of love and so allows you experience the joys and intimacy of being touched in every nook and cranny of your body, including but not limited to our internal reproductive areas. This is why you need time to experience it properly because the joy is in the way the session unfolds gradually, and enhances over time taking you to sensual heights like nothing else.

What is sacred tantra massage?

Essentially we’ve described sacred tantra massage above, but in addition we need to note that we’re using with your energy and chakras. Chakras are energy centre’s in your body which we tap into and connect to ours so that your energy is aligned with that of your therapy and this is when you really start to open up and dissolve the physical boundaries. Many of our clients report feeling like they are floating during their ancient healing tantra session.

What is tantric worship? I’m not up for joining a cult.

Neither are we. We’re totally normal people, who have just learnt how to enjoy the pleasures of our body and want to pass this on to ladies who are suffering with all kinds of emotional and physical barriers to pleasure.

With that in mind, ancient tantric worship can involve people actually sit down and worship this power. There are people who engage in yoni puja which is a sacred ritual devoted to the yoni often via yoni related artifacts.

Now, while we agree that its effects are worthy of such acclimation, our interpretation of this is that we are worshiping you as our client who deserves the time and appreciation through mutual tantric love to appreciate what is going on inside your own being.

There is a a really great point that is brought up during yoni puja though, and this is to never worship the yoni in front of pashus. Pashus are males who are still possessed by their animal nature. And so, we hope that this gives you some confidence that your yoni tantra therapist is all about you and that you are entering a totally safe environment which is only about your worship and fulfillment.

Are there any health benefits to yonitantra massage for woman?

Sensual touch, and tantric in particular has so much power over the body. Just a simple and gentle touch between man and women may recharge and heal your depleted energies. Through reviving them the aim is that you naturally enjoy more happiness, contentedness, cheerfulness, comfort, pleasure and ecstasy.

-Better stronger and more frequent orgasms which don’t just focus on your clitoris and vulva, but involve erogenous zones including your nipples as well as your vagina and g-spot.

-The Sanskrit practice can help you enjoy your female body more through the experience of being worshipped.

-The loving tantric worship ritual builds female confidence and self esteem regardless of your shape

-It can increase sensitivity in the vagina meaning sex is also more spiritual outside of this experience

-The Sanskrit practice is healing. It reduces emotion tensions and stress, improves wellness (not just sexual) and is great if you’re overcoming some trauma (a lot of our clients are)

-The process of worshipping yourself helps you get more aroused during foreplay
-Helps with healing emotional blockages in relation to intercourse and can lead to quite an uplifting sense of female empowerment

-The rituals are dedicated to reconnecting you to your female body allowing you to discover the strength in feeling good about yourself and the beautiful representation you have.

A tantric yoni massage for women allows you to experience this level of satisfaction, teaching your body how to respond differing touch and can help us feel recharged again. If we are dealing with stress, we don’t function at full steam and our body is then fighting and dealing with the stress rather than preventing diseases.

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Will I have an orgasm during a Yoni worship?

You may, you may not…no two sessions are the same and it very much depends how you feel on the day. We’ve also discussed this in more detail in our first few paragraphs, because the orgasm is as much a part of the entire experience, and our sensuality as a whole. The main aim of a sensual yoni tantra is not to give you an orgasm, this may be a side effect, but a sensual tantric massage has so many beautiful sensory feelings attached to it, by having a yoni tantra, you open yourself to the simple pleasures your body can provide you. It is to allow you to experience something unique so that you may do so again in the future.

If you’ve never had an orgasm and that’s one of your motivating factors in coming for a yoni massage, then we would recommend coming along because this whole experience allows you the time to slowly explore your body and its pleasures in a sensual way that you’ve perhaps not been able to before.

A yoni tantra is also great for allowing females who feel finished after one orgasm to continue and achieve multiple orgasms.
A tantric yoni massage is also really therapeutic and healing if you’ve suffered from sexual trauma, or the loss of a loved one because the approach is all about you as the woman. We’re giving to you so that you feel tantra love, you’ll feel cherished. We have a lot of ladies coming who have lost long term partners and are just starting out on their road to finding themselves again.

Is there an age limit to who can come for a yoni tantra?

Of course not. If you’ve read this far you’ll probably by now understand the premise of the yoni tantra is about the lady and making you feel honoured. We don’t care if you’re of advanced years, you deserve to experience this perhaps more than someone younger and we respect and admire that you are out there looking.

What is sacred edging?

Sacred edging is a technique we use during tantra to reach the edge of an orgasm, over and over. Just as your body is ready to explode, we slow it down, pull away and then build back up again. This creates multiple waves of orgasmic pleasure, rather than just a one off.

When we pull away, this is a cool down period. During this time, place your hand on your heart. It will help you to stay grounded and connected to the energy of your tantric therapist, and to feel their tantra love and energy.

The longer this foreplay continues, then the more powerful your orgasm will be at the end when we finally release you. This is the same for a man. His equivalent of the yoni tantra is a lingam and we use edging in the same way during his lingam massage.

This sounds like a lot of yoni play, and not much about the rest of my body?

We’re explaining the yoni part of tantra to you here as this can be the most intimate, private and scary part of a woman’s decision to come for a yoni massage. But, there is way more going on. For instance, did you know that our entire bodies are orgasmic and most women can achieve orgasm through their nipples? Our nipples release oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for making us feel great, it relaxes us and gives us those warm fuzzy emotions connected to love and bonding.

The key is to take time and not to focus on the end goal. Being blunt, this is why a lot of men and couples struggle with bringing their lady to orgasm together, because we are coming at this from two entirely different planes. Men are result focussed, females are in it for the journey.

Why are sessions longer than a normal massage?

Sessions run upwards from 1 hours as it takes your body time to get in touch with the senses you are having stimulated as our lives nowadays tend to dull our senses. You need time otherwise you’ll experience no real benefit from your yoni. Remember this is all about you, it’s your time and there is no rush to please someone else.

We do offer 1 hour treatments but would recommend at least 2.

Who will give me my yoni tantra?

You’ll be given your tantric yoni massage by a male in his 40s. He’s fully trained, and even though we say so ourselves, isn’t weird in the slightest. Your session will start with discussing your needs, and then from there you’ll move into your private room where you can undress. You’ll usually begin covered and then over the course of the ancient ritual, the cloth will be gradually removed to reveal parts of you that you are by then begging to be touched.

As the tantric massage progresses, we’ll explore the beauty of your vagina, spending some time on your g-spot and allowing you to experience all the sensations of your nerve impulses while your brain is totally focussed on the emotional release as well as our physical. This essentially is the yoni part of your tantric massage, but it is not the be all and end all. Not by any stretch.

Where will I come for yoni massage for woman?

You’ll come to us for yoni massage. We don’t do outcalls. We are based in Essex/ East London, near Romford.
You’ll have your yoni massage in a completely private therapy room. There are no markings or hazardous neon lights on the exterior; the whole thing is completely understated.

What will happen during the Yoni massage for woman?

Several techniques can be used in yoni tantra. It is a full body massage and includes your genitals from your vagina, to your vulva to your clitoris. But this is only part of your tantra experience. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve missed out the whole of your life up to this point.

Your therapist will be male and a fully trained tantra therapist. We only offer a male therapist to work with women in tantra yoni. The difference between a sensual yoni massage and a more traditional form of massage is that the touch is gentler and more sacred to soothe and stimulate you in the Sanskrit practice rather than working deep in to your muscle groups.

Depending on how you are feeling during your yoni massage, you could experience a variety of sensual pleasures during the practice; warm oil, breathing warmth in to your skin, soft velvet or translucently light silk draped across your tingling skin leaving not an inch untouched or a light feather gently caressing the valleys and mountains of your body leaving every nerve caressed and cared for. If you’d like to read more on this then this blog post may be of interest.

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What do I do during my Yoni tantra?

Make yourself comfortable, relax and switch off. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, he or she will either move you or will ask you to move as necessary.

Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session. This is your time; whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

Can I touch you during my Yoni massage?

This is a massage of you by your therapist. Whilst some touching is natural, you need to be aware this isn’t about interaction per se. Some women feel very emotional after a yoni tantra and it can be a very physically and emotionally draining. This is perfectly normal and your therapist will also be there for comfort if needed.

I feel vulnerable going to a man for a yoni tantra massage?

We are a husband and wife team, so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands. You can also read our reviews to help set your mind at ease. Likewise we’re happy to talk on the phone so feel free to give us a call and leave a message if we don’t answer right away so we can call you back.

We are genuine practitioners who have developed expertise over time and training to ensure that your sexuality is fulfilled.

How will I feel after yoni massage for woman?

Most people feel really relaxed, liberated, alive, excited and on a natural high after a Yoni tantra massage.
Please Note: Yoni tantra does not replace medical treatment. If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment.

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What is yoni yoga?

Yoni yoga is a system of maintaining your spiritual needs on a daily basis. Essentially it continues the work we have started during your tantra yoni session to embody your full capacity for self realisation.

By improving your emotional, physical and mental health as well as your sexual health through releasing blockages that we store deep within our cells. Yoni yoga is a unique approach to freeing up the sexual energy (life force) we have accessed during your tantra yoni, so that these sensations flow more free to raise your sexual awareness and increase the Prana (aliveness) and internal awareness.

Yoni yoga is a natural way to continue to liberate your deep residing blockages and stop chronic holding patterns.
Tantra yoga include tantric practices to work on the subtle energies within your body which enhance your spiritual growth and then the knock on is benefits on your physical wellbeing. By exploring these wonderful energies, you’re suddenly more intune not only with yourself, but also enjoy a deeper connection with others and the world around us.

Yoni shakti takes yoni yoga one step further down to womb yoga. We don’t do any of this during your session, but we put the information here because our clients are often interested in how this fits within the wider tantric practise.

What is a yoni egg?

In ancient tantra we learn about the yoni egg. This is a love egg that are made from semi-precious stone which has been carved into a smooth egg shape. This is so that it may be worn inside your vagina as empressess would have done in ancient times, to awaken their sensuality. It is also thought that this helps to maintain great health through to old age which isn’t too far fetched when you consider how releasing energy can allow our body to improve our overall health by running more smoothly.

Where abouts is Romford in Essex?

Romford is on the border of Essex and East London so transport links are great. Find out more here.

I’m looking for the exact address and can’t seem to find much more than Romford Essex?

That’s because we try not to give people the full address until you’ve made a confirmed booking. This helps to avoid people turning up without an appointment and us having to turn them away.

How will I find you in Essex?

Once you book we’ll send everything through to you and it’s easy with a sat nav if you trust it! We’re right at the intersection of M25 J28 and J29 in Essex. Once off you’ll travel for about 10 mins depending on traffic down the A127 or A12 towards Romford. It’s almost a straight journey.

Are you on the Essex/ East London border?

Yes originally we were categorised as East London and then it changed to Essex.

If you’re Essex/ East London border, is public transport good then?

Yes, we’re in Essex zone 6 so have fantastic public transport links for both overground train lines from Liverpool Street and buses.

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