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What is prostate massage therapy?

Prostate massage stimulation therapy is the massaging the male prostate. This can either be done for medical reasons, or therapeutic. We don’t see why you can’t have both! If you haven’t yet discovered the world of prostate massage, you have been missing out because your prostate gland is designed to optimise your sexual function. That’s why it’s been dubbed the male G-Spot.

What is the prostate and why would I have a prostate massage?

The male prostate is a small anal gland, about the size of a walnut which is located between your bladder and your rectum (if you’re a man). However, the purpose of having prostate massage stimulation is because this gland is renowned for being the male G-Spot. Prostate massage refers to prostate stimulation can lead to a mind blowing prostate orgasms in some men.

The main function of your prostate is to produce a fluid which you expel during ejaculation. The prostate has had a lot of press recently because of prostate cancer becoming more widely known and talked about. It’s the most common cancer in men.

Not everyone is up for a prostate massage though, some men are wary of anal stimulation. But, because the male G-Spot is increasingly becoming part of our everyday conversation, the act of having a prostate massage is no longer as taboo. Prostate massage is no longer only the realm of gay guys and no-one is going to label you as homosexual just because you gain sexual pleasure for your G-Spot which happens to be up your rectum. Straight men are finally realising just how pleasurable it is to have a prostate massage and therefore enjoy a full body prostate orgasm.

It’s not just that though. Doctors are happy with the upward trend in prostate massage popularity. They’re happy for your prostate to be ‘milked’ for medical purposes because this means that you are more likely to have a healthier prostate gland. Some say that it is stagnant fluid in the prostate that leads to diseases such as prostate cancer and therefore removing this fluid decreases your risk of prostate cancer.

What are the health benefits of male prostate gland massage stimulation (milking the prostate)?

1. It may help the condition of erectile dysfunction (impotence)

The theory behind prostate massage improving impotence (erectile dysfunction), which is also backed up by doctors, is that the vigorous prostate milking process of your prostate improves the blood flow. So, as your erection is essentially down to good blood flow, this improvement can have the knock-on effect of giving you’re a harder penis.

2. It can help to improve your flow of urine

If your urine doesn’t come out in a steady stream then this is a sign that your prostate could be swollen and therefore unhealthy. This is because when the prostate becomes inflamed like this, it is so close to your bladder that it irritates it.

3. If you’re having painful ejaculation, then try a prostate massage

This is a rare disorder, but it happens perhaps as a result of infection or inflammation of the tube which runs near your testicles and stores sperm. It may also signal that you have a block in your ejaculatory duct. So, here’s the thing, a prostate massage can reduce prostate size (inflammation) and therefore you have less pain when you ejaculate.

You may also suffer from painful ejaculation if your pelvic floor muscles aren’t what they could be. Manual manipulation of your prostate can also help to strengthen these when you tense and therefore ease ejaculatory pain.

4. Help treat chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is the inflammation of your prostate gland. This can be the result of a bacterial infection and give you symptoms ranging from burning when you pee to painful ejaculation through to weak urinary stream and down to discomfort in the piece of skin between your balls and rectum.

Prostate massage may help with this because it can clear out some of the ‘bad stuff’ that’s hanging around in there.

5. Alleviate symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

This is the most common prostate problem for men aged 50+ and it is widely recognised that a prostate massage can reduce prostate swelling. Now, this depends on why your prostate is enlarged, but if it just because it is overfull of fluid then it stands to reason that emptying out that fluid via a prostate massage will help.

6. Last but not least, it feels great!

As if you were looking for any other excuse, what’s better than getting an almighty orgasm thrown in with some super health benefits?

Who will my prostate massage therapist be?

It will be a female, we don’t offer M2M therapy sessions but you can rest assured that not only has she been trained in tantra and offers the best sensual massage sessions in the area, but she is also massively experienced in helping you find relief via a great prostate massage.

What will happen during my prostate massage?

During your prostate massage your prostate massage therapist will stimulate both your prostate and the prostate erection nerves which surround the area. If you have a health issue that relates to your prostate, then please let your therapist know either on text before your session, or during the initial consultation procedure. It makes a difference to how you will be treated.

During your prostate massage, your prostate massage therapist will gently insert a gloved and lubricated finger around the external entrance to your rectum and stimulate your sensitive nerves in this area with an external prostate massage. You’ll also get some of this during your sensual massage if you book the prostate massage. Then when you are sufficiently stretched, inside. At this point she will begin to use some pressure for the purpose of stimulating your prostate. This will coincide with your lingam massage and depending on your position we sometimes are also able to stimulate your perineum.

We’ve been told that having a prostate massage during your lingam massage is such a powerful experience that it results in intensifying your orgasms several times over. You’ll more than likely have a longer orgasm with a greater ejaculation – both in force and quantity.

How should I prepare for my prostate massage?

It’s best if you clear your stomach. Not only is it a bit yacky to get up there and meet some of your undisposed of waste, but it can get in the way of you having the best possible time. Literally. So, use the loo, have a hot shower and clean around and inside your anus properly and sit back and let your prostate massage therapist do the rest.

And don’t worry. If you don’t like it once we start, you’re not under any obligation to continue. We can always stop. It’s no issue.

If you’d like to read more about the nature of sensual awakening and prostate massage, then this blog post may be of interest.

What techniques will you use to milk my prostate?

There are a bunch of different techniques collectively also known as prostate milking. Which we use will depend on how you are responding to the different ways that we stimulate the prostate gland. We may use rubbing, circling, vibration to name a few. The options are open because what is most important is that this works for you.

Where will I have my prostate massage?

You’ll come to us at our massage therapy clinic in Romford, Essex. You’ll be in the massage therapy room and will firstly lie on your belly and then on your back when it comes to the stimulation of the prostate. We will change your position as best suits the situation.

Please note: Prostate massage does not in any way replace medical inervention and if you have any concerns at all, you should always consult with your doctor. Your prostate massage is an optional add on to the Sensual masasge.

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