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Lingam massage for men (female equivalent is the yoni massage)

You can get a lingam massage Romford, but that might not help. Are you left wondering what a lingam massage is?

The lingam is the name for your Penis. It is also known as wand of light. This perhaps helps to explain which part of the female is the yoni.

We are emotional beings and hold a lot of stress and heartache in our genitals . Especially men. Lingam massage can often be erotic and is included in both tantric and sensual body massages as standard because these are such erotic times that to not include a lingam or yoni massage would generally leave you climbing the walls. You can always say if you don’t want a lingam or yoni included within your sensual body massage.

Through gentle touch we seek to awaken your body to the sensual pleasures that we bury with our busy lives and instead take a bit of time to tap in to the core of your senses.  The result is a completely personal experience, we are emotional beings and no two sessions are the same.  By relaxing and just taking some ‘you’ time you will open up to the pleasure that your own body can create for you – you’ll discover erogenous zones that you never even knew about – and we’re not just talking genitalia here!  A lingam massage includes the whole body.  it’s some time for you to discover the pleasures of your body in a completely safe and secure environment.

Are there any other benefits to lingam massage?

Sensual touch has so much power over the body.  Just a simple and gentle touch can recharge and heal your depleted energies.  Through reviving them you naturally can feel more happiness, contentedness, cheerfulness, comfort, pleasure and ecstasy.

A lingam genital massage allows you to experience this level of satisfaction, teaching your body how to respond differing touch and can help us feel recharged again.  If we are dealing with stress, we don’t function at full steam and our body is then fighting and dealing with the stress rather tan preventing diseases.

It can help to control ejaculation as well as helping boundless clients with erection problems.

Will I climax during a lingam massage Romford?

You may, you may not…no two sessions are the same and it very much depends how you feel on the day.  The main aim of a sensual massage is not to give you an orgasm, this may be a side effect, but a lingam massage has many beautiful sensory feelings attached to it.

By having a lingam massage, you open yourself to the simple pleasure your body can provide you by reaching the brink of orgasm and then coming back down to feel an even greater intensity the next time.  It is to allow you to experience something unique so that you may do so again in the future.

If you’d like to know more, you will find this blog post interesting.

Can I just have the lingam massage?

We don’t offer a lingam massage as a standalone session because we are trained tantra massage therapists. We include a lingam massage as a wonderful addition to your full body sensual massage, to enhance and heighten your experience. We’re not about being an escort for a quick buck. We want to give you a sublime experience that will blow your mind and that you’ll think about for years to come. We can’t do that with a lingam massage alone.

Is this a naked massage?

Yes you are naked and your tantra massage therapist is also naked. They will use their body to caress and seduce your senses, but this is not a mutual groping experience. The lingam massage is part of the naked sensual massage so if you want this to be included, you can assume that it will be part of your body massage with no need to spell this out.

I’d like stronger erections, will this help?

Perhaps. We’re humans and our bodies are unique, but enhancing the strength of your erection is something that we are used to working with and can usually see some success with. Please do tell your tantra therapist in the consultation at the beginning of your session, or on text before if this is easier and more relaxing, so that they know that you are helping you obtain stronger erections when working you.

I’m hoping for natural ED cures, is this the role of a lingam massage?

It can be. And we are used to working with clients who are searching for natural ED cures, but as with all things body related, there is no guarantee. A lot of this can come down to stress, and by working with how your brain triggers physical sensations, we also cut down on the effects of stress and therefore psychological ED. We’ve even worked with men who have suffered with diabetes and ED successfully as well as a lot of ED in young men. It’s interesting because many young men are ashamed to admit having a problem with erectile dysfunction, but many are under so much pressure to provide and compete at work, that ED in young men is more common than many assume.

I suffer with premature ejection problem, is this a solution?

The idea of tantra is that we revel in the slow burn of smouldering passion. This may sound like it will be too much for someone suffering with the problem of premature ejaculation to bear. But, in the hands of an experienced therapist, we’ve successfully extended the amount of time that it would usually take.

The key here is trust, and so it’s important to understand that this builds over time. The first few sensual massage sessions may only show a slight, if any, improvement. But, we work together to understand your body and its triggers in a non-threatening environment.

Do you have shower facilities for after my erotic massage?

We don’t but you won’t need them, we don’t use any oil during your body massage and if you climax during your naked massage service, you will be cleaned as part of your overall experience.

Please do however ensure that you respect your therapist and arrive freshly cleaned.

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Do you do outcall, or is it just incall?

We don’t offer outcall, you need to come to our location in Romford, Essex (incall) where we will work with you in our calm and relaxing therapy rooms.

Why are sessions longer than a normal massage parlour would offer?

Sessions run between 1 and 2 hours as it takes your body time to get in touch with the senses you are having stimulated as our lives nowadays tend to dull our senses.  You need time otherwise you’ll experience no real benefit from your Lingam massage.  Remember this is all about you, it’s your time and there is no rush to please someone else.

It’s important to understand that there is a difference between the erotic massage service that we provide and what other massage parlours wrap up as tantric massage. Some people enquire as to whether we do half hour sessions, or even less. The answer will always be no because we pride ourselves on the overall experience, and although you have a lingam massage and the usual end result associated with that, this is about a sensual full body treatment.

I’m confused. What’s the difference between lingam massage, tantric massage and sensual?

The lingam is the massage of your genital area that is included throughout and at the end of any of the other, different massages you book. These include tantric which is the overarching style of therapy that we’ve stolen the principles from for the sensual body massage.

If you’re a woman, you wouldn’t have a lingam massage, instead you’d have a yoni massage which is the name for the female genitals within this style of sensual massage.

Where will I have my massage?

We are based in Essex/ East London, near Romford.

You’ll have your lingam massage in a completely private therapy room.  There are no markings or hazardous neon lights on the exterior; the whole thing is completely understated.

What will happen during the lingam massage?

Your lingam massage Romford develops slowing over time as with all of our techniques a variety of different touches will be used throughout your experience.  Some people call this a naked massage, because both you and your masseuse are naked throughout. However, this is to offer a sensual environment which builds over the time you have booked. It will start out as gentle, and then as the sensuality builds you’ll end up experiencing the most minute of touches whereby you feel an intensity of touch during your body massage that many of our clients tell us they have never felt before.

If you have selected to have the prostate massage added into your session, then this will be included throughout and at the end. See the page here for full details.

What do I do during my lingam massage Romford?

This is a naked massage services, so you’ll go into your room and remove all of your clothes while you are alone. Then you’ll lie down on the massage table and make yourself comfortable. You’ll be given a short period to relax and switch off. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session.

Can I touch you during my lingam massage?

Whilst this is a very sensual experience, you’re having a naked massage for goodness sake, of course it is, before you even start with the effects of tantric massage and the intensity of that touch. So, we understand that you will naturally reach out to touch your therapist. But, this is not an escort service and should not be mistaken as such, extras will not be provided and you should restrain yourself to non-threatening, non-intimate behaviour at all times please.

Isn’t this just a handjob wrapped up as a sexy massage?

There are obvious similarities, the most obvious being that we are massaging your genitals. However, our understanding of a handjob is that the hand literally ‘does the job’ and little else. And this is where the difference is. A lingam massage Romford, derived from tantric massage is all about building the intensity of your orgasm, to purely have hand relief is not enough.

As your massage develops, your therapist will edge her hands closer and closer towards your erogenous zones. This means that a lingam massage is included in bursts throughout your sensual or tantric massage. Each time your masseuse edges closer her strokes will be more pleasurable. And this is when, and only when, her attention will be drawn entirely towards your more intimate areas. By this time, you’ll already be heading towards an intense and powerful organsm. This is how we can claim that our sensual massages not only allow your senses to run wild, but also that, unlike a standard handjob, this prolonged experience will unleash your stresses into a positive outburst.

I’d like to come with my partner for a lingam massage – is this possible?

We have done naked erotic couples massage in the past, but this isn’t something that works particularly well. People get all fired up before hand, and then when the eroticisms of men and women develop at different speeds, as they naturally do, then one partner is always left a little on the outside.

We recommend coming alone and then using what you have learnt about tantric massage techniques as individuals in your private space together.

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How will I feel after lingam massage?

Most people leave feeling really relaxed, liberated, alive, excited and on a natural high after a lingam massage Romford. You should be careful when driving around the Romford roads as they can be busy and afterwards your head may be a little fuzzy.
Please Note:  Lingam massage does not replace medical treatment. If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment.

Where is Romford in relation to Essex?

We’re right on the border of Essex and East London.

Where exactly are you in Romford Essex, I can’t find the address?

We’re in Romford, Essex but once you book we’ll send through the address and confirmation of your booking.  It just avoids people turning up at all times of the day without having made an appointment first and us having to turn them away.
How can I plan my route through to Romford Essex in advance?

Have a look for Gallows Corner, after M25 J28 and J29 in Essex.  Once off the motorway it’ll take you about 10 mins (depending on traffic) on the A127 or A12 towards Romford.  It’s not complicated or far from here.

That sounds like you’re on the Essex/ East London border?

That’s right, Essex starts right after East London finishes.  We’re actually also categorised as Greater London.

So I’m guessing public transport links are good?

Yes that’s right. Being in Greater London as well as Essex means we’re in zone 6 so bus and train routes are great.

How do I book, can I call?

You can, but we rarely have the opportunity to answer a telephone call. As you can imagine, if we’re out and about it’s not that easy to chat through our services. Likewise, if we’re with clients, we won’t be able to answer a phone call, but we may be able to answer a text. This is why we request that you text us on  07982 491392.

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