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Life is like that, we lose ourselves and then all of a sudden, without warning, we realise we need a sensual awakening.

When we think of a sensual awakening, we will often think of the sexual spirit. The part of ourselves that has been buried under a collection of responsibility, money worries and a task based existence.

But, our entire sensory system is the doorway to our soul. We can awaken these by taking time for ourselves. Have you ever shut yourself off in a bath and with the comfort of the closed door, you hear the bubbles pop and smell the oils you have used. Where as when you hurriedly plopped yourself in, before you shut off from the outside world, none of these were anything you even noticed. You were all consumed with the process of making sure the water was high enough and of the correct temperature, that the taps turned off just at the right time and that we don’t slip and break a limb while climbing in.

Sensual awakening can start with any small part of life and the skills are easy to develop, if you understand. Just take the time and notice how the steam from the kettle forms beautiful patterns before dissipating into the air.

Then use this skill set to awaken your sensual spirit and to allow yourself to feel again. Sensual awakening is about healing our mind, body and spirit so that you can nurture yourself and dive deep into the intimacy that you crave by our very human existence.

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Try a sensual massage for the ultimate relaxation, sensual stimulation and new world experiences.

If you need some help with this, our sensual massage will take you all the way to awakening your sensual pleasures faster than you ever thought possible. The act of leaving your usual environment and stepping into another, fantasy world will help this. And then the expert touch of your tantra trained therapist will not only set you at ease with their meditative skills, but awaken your body so that you sense every small detail about your experience.

Together your bodies will awaken, your spirits will join and you will once again feel where you thought there was no hope. You’ll explore the joy of being touched; different textures, speeds and breaths. You’ll fall into this world where anything and everything is possible, where you experience a life you’ve never had. And you’ll dare to believe that it could happen again. Because it can.

We’ll work with your breath and connect the way your body works on a physical level with your spiritual. After all, it’s our mind that helps us enjoy the tiniest of sensations by highlighting their effects.

Your sensual awakening will begin with the awakening of each cell. Your tantra therapist will use a tantalising touch, connecting energies so that as each cell in your body awakens, you’ll feel more alive as an entity.

If you’re a male, your tantra therapist will be female, but her Goddess may come through in many different manifestations. If you need gentle and nurturing, you’ll receive this. If you need dominant and strong, then this will be what you get. Or it may be all or somewhere between. The tantalising touch will be whatever best awakens your body in the moment and healing energy will flow between you both. This is where tantra love is born.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. Lie back and relax. Open your heart and your mind to your inner sensual being and allow the pleasure to flow.

The rest is down to us. We’ll create a safe place, a dark box where no-one else can enter so that you have the freedom to explore your true sensual self in complete privacy. This is where you can trust and enjoy the erotic you, connect with your deepest desires, all while being free of shame and guilt. This is about you setting yourself loose from the oppression of our natural and wild nature, and about us touching who we are under the layers of conformity.

As you open up and begin to the perfection in everything that we are, you’ll allow yourself to also be open to a more orgasmic life — a life where we enjoy the simple pleasures to their maximum. Together you and your sensual massage therapist will move past old wounds, forward into a safe world, where we are as strong as our connections with love. You’ll automatically find that you walk taller, and are more awake in life as you then pass through life with the presence that you desire in your heart.

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  • These sessions create dynamic, life changing experiences.

In short, you’ll reconnect your body with your soul. And in casting away the stresses of everyday living and allowing yourself to drift into the safety of a loving parallel universe, you’ll enjoy the benefits of tantra touch and ultimately sensual awakening.

This is where you discover the pleasures of being you.

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