Perhaps not. But there are so many pleasures associated with a rosebud massage for men that it is something you should become acquainted with. Think about the rosebud massage as being the little brother to the prostate massage.

First let’s look at prostate massage

When you have a prostate massage treatment your therapist’s fingers will insert inside your rectum. She’ll find your prostate gland and gently massage it. For many men this can bring you to climax without any need to stimulate your penis with a lingam massage.

However, the thought of internal body work isn’t for everyone. If this sounds like you, then you may want to try the rosebud massage.

What is the rosebud massage?

If you think about how a rosebud looks then you can see why massage of the area around your anus (but not inside) is called the rosebud massage. That area of skin is incredibly sensitive and many clients don’t need internal stimulation of their prostate to enjoy the electrifying effects.

Why is this?

The nerves that run up to your prostate start externally. They run between your buttocks underneath your shaft and then eventually end deep inside you at your prostate gland. This means that it can be incredibly satisfying if your tantra therapist works around these sensitive nerves at the entrance to your anus.

How does a rosebud massage feel?

It’s different for everyone. The sensations can shift from gentle ripples at the same time as a lingam massage to earth shattering explosions. Simply from working around the anal area. The pleasure can be immeasurable.

What’s more is that there seem to be more men who enjoy this anal stimulation than pure prostate massage.

What are the benefits of rosebud sensual massage stimulation?

The beauty of tantra massage techniques are unquestionably amazing at reducing tension and inducing relaxation in our clients. Layer on top of that additional tantric treatments such as working with other elements of your nervous system in this way and it’s the ideal therapy for stressed out people. 

The sensation starts as warm tingling which often then builds to a hot and flurried clenching of your muscles. This special energy stimulates other areas of your body and you’re left as putty in the hands of your trained masseuse. The connection you feel with her will heighten and when you release, it will be with a power and force that will have you moving around on the massage table, out of control. 

Simply put, add in the rosebud massage and it will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

When you leave, it will be with a sense of calm soothing. Your circulation will improve, your nerves which were on fire will have calmed to a gentle buzzing and you’ll feel alive and complete again.

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