Are you interested in personal massage, but not sure who to call and where to go in Essex?

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It’s a tricky business finding a personal massage therapist in Essex. Standard joints are listed by Google under the same search terms as those who provide the erotic or sensual massage for which you’re looking. The only way to find out is often just to pick up the phone and make the call.

Massage therapy is a minefield, in Essex and anywhere else. There are people offering sports massage, massage therapists who are only interested in providing clean Essex wellness and then others at the other end of the scale who are more interested in getting you in and out, literally as fast as possible so they can move onto their next client whilst robbing you blind.


Why are you wasting everyone’s time whilst putting yourself in an embarrassing position? Those sites that are listed when you type in the search term, ‘personal massage Essex’ are only listed on Google because they have a ton of information on their website which tells you what they offer and how they offer it. Most will have prices on and so it’s easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for in what will be less time than it takes someone to answer your call and listen to you as you stammer out your convoluted request about their services.

There’s no need for you to announce that you’re looking for a full body massage and wait for the audible sigh on the other end of the line as you realise you’ve called an Essex wellness centre by mistake. Oh, and our clients have told us that they thought deep tissue massage was an ‘all in’ service. Don’t be mistaken. Deep tissue massage is aggressive muscle work that will leave you limping for all the wrong reasons.

So, how do you find sensual massage in Essex without putting yourself through a tormenting game of cat and mouse?

You get what you pay for. So read.

You read the information that the massage parlours have provided. It will take all but a few minutes and then you can drop the therapist a quick text on 07982 491392 and arrange the exact personal massage that you want. But, here’s another tip. Don’t assume that a sensual massage, an exotic massage or even a naturist personal massage will end with sex. Usually it will end with a lingam massage, certainly at our premises as standard, but if ‘all the way’ isn’t listed on the site, then that’s not going to be part of the massage services.

If that’s what you’re looking for though, it might be worth you broadening your horizons because, our clients, who incidentally have been returning to us for the past ten years or so, have told us that the combination of our tantric training, professionalism and honed technique mean the lingam massage at Sensual massage Romford, is better than sex. 

Now, there’s a claim! 

That’s why our clients aren’t just based in Essex, but they travel from all over the UK — and the world — to see us. We have regular clients who live as far away as Toronto and Hong Kong. Some of our clients who live further afield used to live in the area and still make the effort to visit us when they are back in the area. Others visit for work and make a sensual massage with us in Romford a vital part of their trip.

Your privacy

Now, here’s the deal about your name. If you find the right sensual massage therapist, they’ll be established like we are for years) and they’ll be interested in the longevity of your professional relationship. They’re not about to go giving your name out to people, they won’t divulge your personal details or try and hook up on Facebook and they won’t rush over with a wild wave and broad smile if they see you out and about. Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you.

Your name

Many of our clients prefer to give a false name. And that’s fine. We know how private you are and that’s for good reason because not everyone is as scrupulous as we are at Sensual Massage Romford. However, it would be useful if you do give us your full name, if for no other reason that we can then call a doctor who can access your medical records if you fall sick. No-one needs to know why you were having a massage, or indeed that it was a more exotic massage style. But, if you’re sick, it would be good to be able to get you help.

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Worried about getting caught

It’s the same with parking locations. Sure, you might want to take care of your privacy by parking in a different area and walking around the corner, but how much time does it take to walk to your massage treatments as opposed to hopping out of the car and diving into the treatment rooms.

Of course, this does depend a lot on how much of a prominent location the personal massage therapy centre is in. But, if it’s tucked away as we are, you might be safer heading directly into the room from your car. If your’e in a quiet location it’s not like anyone will be passing.

The choice is yours.

So, however you decide to look for a sensual massage service, an erotic massage or a personal massage at least now you have a few points to help you decide who can give you the service you’re looking for whilst maintaining your privacy. To book, text
07982 491392 now.