If you’ve typed in massage hand release to your phone or keypad, chances are you’re looking for a quick massage with the focus on hand relief. We’re not saying you’ve got that all wrong, but if you want the best ever hand relief moment of your life, then think about investing a little more time into the massage.

Here’s why massage hand release is good for you

When you have a massage the physiological effects are that it relaxes your muscles, but also your mind. Your heart rate slows as a result of the physical therapy and with that your blood pressure.

The stimulus that dance around your brain, distracting it from the pleasure of your body slowly ease under the gentle massaging pressure of your therapist’s hands and fingers. Gradually, as her hands stroke your body stress disappears like pulling overgrown ivy from a wall. 

What we’re left with is you. Laid bare. Totally naked from the cloak that stress masks us with.

The more you relax, the more the part of your brain that deals with sexual energy is able to connect to the relaxing motion of your tantric therapist. More time means your entire body can be included within the massage, from your foot and leg all the way to your wrist, fingers and thumb. 

And of course your pelvis. But, by the time we reach that area, you’ll be craving hand release.

This is where we start to build tension. But this time it’s sexual tension. One of craving where nothing else matters other than the heavy ache in your penis and the tight knot that is your testicles.

Hold tight, you’re close. This will now be the ride of your life.

You’ll think you’re about to climax. All the sensations will start. You’ll contract, your spine will tingle and your ears will buzz. 

But your therapist won’t release the trigger. Because you have time, your massage will continue to build your anticipation. Eventually, you’ll be on the edge and when that hand release comes boy will it be earth shattering. Your toes will curl and the relief will be emotional.

This sacred tantra bodywork is called a lingam massage. Sure, it’s massage hand release, but it’s also one of the most effective stress relievers available.

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