Relationship coaching based on touch and pleasure. See how it can improve your relationship.

Couple close together and in love after relationship coaching with lady sexologist in Romford, London
This lady sexologist will help you find new ways of communicating within your relationship. Whether you come alone or as a couple.

Let’s face it. Sometimes, our sex lives just stagnate. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re having sex within your relationship at the moment, what’s important is that when you feel the need, you’re able to communicate together about sensual or sexual ideas. This process and your lady sexologist will help you find new ways of being intimate with each other.

Put aside everyday life

We’re all about helping you put the demands of every day aside and helping you rediscover the power of each other. Allowing you to want to take time for the other person, to share with them again. Through intimacy with the person you most love, comes a partnership way deeper than running errands.

The idea will get you excited

Once you’ve booked your first touch based relationship coaching, you may find that automatically, the idea of what you are embarking on together makes you want to touch more. So, imagine how good it will be once you’ve had your coaching and you’ve taken it to the next level.

During your touch relationship coaching, your lady sexologist (for men) and male for women, will help you to reclaim the pleasures in your body that have become hidden over time. And one’s that lay undiscovered. In so doing. You’ll grow in sexual confidence and be more able to give pleasure to your beloved in return for receiving. We may also work with you with sensual massage so you can learn through switching off and relaxing into the joys of your body.

Your sexologist will go at your pace

It is entirely up to you whether you remove clothing during this session, but most people choose to go down this route. However, it’s important to understand and be comfortable in the knowledge that this is absolutely not compulsory. Nudity nor intimate touch are mandatory and you will be under no pressure.

Every session will be totally based around your learning outcomes. We may talk, discussing some somatic aspects, or it may be touch based, but at no point will you be touching your therapist as this is about you and your body and relationship.

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