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It’s true, sex reduces stress

Yep, it’s true, we’ve probably all seen the reports that having sex reduces stress. But, what if you’re not getting sex? Or if you are but it’s not satisfying you to the point that your stress levels are reducing? Or what if you have to beg for it and your partner lies there like a dead fish, sucking any and all enjoyment out of the process?

That’s where we step in. But, it’s not with sex. Let’s explain.

Only one third of people in the UK are satisfied with their sex lives. That’s not to say that they’re not enjoying regular sex, or the physical benefits of having sex at all. But, that what they’re having, or the way they’re doing it, or the amount of time isn’t satisfying what they need deep inside their core.
At Sensual Massage Tantric Massage Romford, Essex we understand this. But, we don’t provide you an alternative, we don’t give you any act of sex. We actively avoid that. There is enough sex out there for us to not need to offer that. No, we provide you with another sensual layer of intimacy that lies over your sexual yearning like a warm blanket of love.

So sure, intercourse relieves stress. But, our clients tell us this is better. Both at relieving stress, at giving them the best orgams they have ever experienced and at allowing them to go home having learned something about themselves and how incredibly intimate the human touch can be. And they pass this on to their partners. The result? Good sex. With your partner. Improved intimacy. A renewal of the luxurious fun you once enjoyed together.

The benefits of sex

Now, if we’ve not convinced you to give our sensual massage a try with the promise of an improved sex life at home, increasing your probability of sex and reducing stress, how about this;

Sensual tantric massage Romford Essex
Who knew sexual pleasure had so many health benefits?

Sex and sexual release has many more health benefits:
You can kiss frequent colds and bugs goodbye as sex may boost your immune system

The probability of having sex also boosts your libido which means if your sex life is on the downward spiral, the best way to improve this is to have sex. Or a sensual experience that reawakens your inner demon.

There are also a host of other benefits, such as improving a woman’s bladder control through orgasming. Yep. Tightening that pelvic floor can be fun!

Plus, we all know that intercourse relieves stress now, but did you know that this is a serious thing. If you relieve stress, you lower your blood pressure. Sex helps to combat your chances of getting cancer. The health benefits go on and on!

So, sex and sensuality is not only a wonderful emotion to languish in, but sex is good for your health. Imagine if you learned enough about sensuality to have sex everyday. You’ll live forever!

We jest, we can’t promise that.

But you get the picture.

Sex makes life better and not just for the hour or so that you’re busy doing the deed. Sex promotes a response in your body that is one of the best ways to reduce stress and therefore the health benefits of sex are vast.

So, you can get on and push at home, or you can come to us and learn about how your own body works. You can take this sensual awakening back into your home and try sex on a subsequent day using all the tricks you’ve learned. You’ll probably feel your heart swell with a newfound love for your partner as they react to your touch in a way you’d forgotten was possible. And even if not, you’ll sleep better as a minimum.

We’re joking again, but that is a true point. Stress keeps us awake. Our clients who come and enjoy a sensual massage report being able to sleep better for up to a week after their appointment further enhancing our claim that having a sensual massage is a great healthy way of living that is not only physically relaxing but also a way to reduce stressful mental thoughts and anxiety, for both men and women.

This has to lift your mood before we start with the spring you get in your step having enjoyed an hour or more of your body speaking to you in ways beyond what you’ve ever known finished off by the best orgasm of your life.

Who is a sensual massage perfect for?

We’ve spoken a lot here about people who are in relationships already and are looking to renew the passion with a view to having sex reduces stress. But that’s only because these are most of our clients. But, boosting orgasms isn’t just the realm of men and women who have a partner. It’s for everyone. If you’re single, you could improve your chances of getting a partner by learning about yourself and therefore improving your skills with a potential new partner.

We will also fill a huge emotional void caused by being single. We’ve talked about how uninspiring sex for the sake of sex can be. You’ll actually get the opposite emotional connection when you have a sensual massage with us.

We don’t work with couples and the reason for this is simple. Everyone is different and we are working specifically with you. We can work on each of you in turn, but never at the same time. The activity of having different people with different agendas is just too distracting and it’s usually the man who comes off worse out of this. We’ve decided therefore that to make sure you receive the best possible experience, we only work with one client at a time.

So for a healthier start to the new year, and for a more sexually awakened future, where you’re enlightened about how having sex reduces stress, give us a text on 07982491392 to book in today.