Emma was feeling sexually frustrated in her marriage after she became pregnant.

Her husband lost interest in sexual intercourse and Emma’s sexual frustration grew over time. Eventually the pressure of not having sex meant that she began looking elsewhere to quell her feeling sexual frustration.

Feeling sexually frustrated isn’t always about libido

Couples often expect a woman’s libido to reduce when she is pregnant and if we’re not careful this can lead to depression as women become aware, often mistakenly, that they are no longer attractive to their partners. This body anxiety, combined with experiencing a changing sexuality as hormones fluctuate can lead to an immense feeling sexually frustrated.

She didn’t want to cheat on her partner, she loves him. But, needs are needs and it’s not as easy as it once was to masturbate when you have a huge belly in the way.

Emma’s needs are real

Emma’s needs are real and so she had to find a solution to this problem before she grew into a fiery ball of rage and stress at not having had an orgasm within her relationship.

When she found us, she was nervous at first. After all this isn’t a life experience that a normal person and women in particular talk about. We would argue from our experience that it is more common than people let on. But, dealing with our desire is something we are conditioned to keeping private.

Being nervous, it was important for Emma to speak to her therapist on the phone before her appointment and have a chance to question him about the format of her pleasure experience.

This helped to ease her nerves about intimacy with a stranger without any hint of love. She was also suffering with feelings of a lack of body confidence being that she looks different to how she usually feels comfortable.

Nerves are normal, but they don’t last

When she arrived she was still nervous, the first time you have a yoni tantra massage it’s strange. But within five minutes she was able to relax and enjoy a the gentle touch of this massage experience whereby she was the only focus. 

Emma has since become a regular client working the yoni tantra massage therapy into a healthy part of her lifestyle as a mother and wife.

Some would argue that this is a sign of some form of dysfunction within her relationships, but actually Emma argues that having time carved out to concentrate only on herself allows her to give more during the rest of her life to those who she loves and supports without feelings of resentment.

NOTE: Emma is typical of the type of clients who visit us for a yoni tantric massage. In our meet our clients piece we don’t actually tell you real names and may include many pieces of clients together. We ALWAYS respect the privacy of every single client we meet.

Sexually lonely after husband died