If you’re looking for Essex Tantric Massage, then you’re in the right place. Our tantra therapists are trained in tantra, we’re English and experienced.

We’ve been healing people with tantra techniques for almost ten years now and have many regular clients from in and around Essex and London and further afield. The joy of our location in Romford, Essex, is that we’re close to the M25 and the intersection of the A12 and A127.

Who are your Essex tantric therapists?

We work with guys and women. Our female therapist will work with our male clients and our male tantra therapist will work with ladies. 

We don’t work with couples and we don’t come out to your location. This is because we have the perfect relaxing environment set up at our tantric therapy centre in Essex. Mood is a key component to a quality tantric experience including lighting, music and the overall environment. 

So, whilst some other masseuses will come out to your home or hotel room, we will not.

Rather than take every client going, we prefer to give a quality tantric Essex experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

How much time does a tantra massage take?

In terms of the time it takes. A true tantric Essex massage is a minimum of 1.5 hours. We’d recommend 2 hours if you can spare it. Tantra is slow. It’s about languid enjoyment of your inner self and your partner’s touch. 

This means we spend time on connecting our soul and our mind at the beginning through breathing and meditation. We then gradually build sexual tension.

What’s the difference between tantric therapy and tantra sex?

This is a whole other post, but tantric therapy takes into account your entire body, including your mind. We’re working with you so you learn how to delve inwards and experience a calm that allows you to discover the depths of hidden pleasure stress locks away.

Tantric sex on the other hand is about enjoying slow and languid sex with a partner. 

Please note Essex tantric is tantric therapy, not tantra sex. You can come for tantric therapy with us and learn about yourself. Your tantra experience will give you the skills to go home and use during tantric sex. 

The complete process will come more naturally with your partner when you have developed the skills we teach you during tantric therapy. That’s not to say that this unique holistic approach is like going to class with a teacher pupil relationship. No, you will enjoy every second of your tantric practice.

So will ejaculation be part of the tantric Essex experience?

More than likely. The key to understanding and therefore enjoying tantra is to not focus on the result though. Your therapist will use her techniques and sensuality to build erotic tension throughout. The power of this will ebb and flow, transporting you to a place of sensual dreams. 

Some clients remark on how they feel they are floating during their empowering experience.

You will feel a warm sense of love. Passion will build, but so will the connection with your therapist. This is what we call tantric love and why this massage service is so good if you are feeling lonely. It is also great if you are maintaining celibacy but still want to enjoy your body.

Tantra massage is a spiritual craft. Orgasm is often part of it, but it need not be. More importantly is the build up of that crescendo which leads there. IT’s this process that guarantees the most powerful, toe curling, back arching, profound orgasmic experience. When it comes.

Then at the end, it may then feel right to allow orgasmic release through a lingam massage. But there are also plenty of clients who prefer to keep this sexual tension coiled up. They take it home and use the opportunity to have a fantastic, intimate time with their partner. The choice is yours, so please let your therapist know your goals beforehand.

If you have questions, please check out the FAQ page. You can read terms and conditions too before contacting us to ensure you have understood everything about how you will grow during your tantric journey. 

Will my privacy be protected?

Of course. From a crudely financial perspective, if your privacy and safety isn’t important to us then we don’t have a viable business proposition. And our operations have been going for almost ten years. We will never divulge your experience to anyone. That is our mantra. Please bear this in mind when we ask for your medical history. We need to know this for your protection.