Erogenous zones — what you need to know

Part of the process and tantric massages that we provide in Romford, Essex are all about slowly languishing in the pleasure of erogenous zones. Using how the nerve endings of our body can bring us pleasure in an area that isn’t necessarily associated with sex.

These zones are sensitive parts of your body which due to their heightened sensitivity increase our sexual arousal

Pretty much every adult, and some well below that age, know about the well known ones, the clitoris and so on. But, read on because they are found all over the body. So to learn a few of our secrets about how to stimulate your partner’s arousal with other, lesser known sensitive parts of their skin.

First off, what is an erogenous zone?

Each is a little different. Both from person to person, and with your mood. That’s why it’s important during a sensual massage to tap into your brain first, and calm it. This ensures that you feel to your max.

An erogenous zone may also be known as erotogenic, and while everyone gets hot and bothered for different ones of these they do act like a road map to your pleasure zones.

Genital erotogenic zones

  1. The clitoris is point number one for sensitivity on a woman. But, did you know this. The part that you can see, is literally only the tip of the iceberg. These sensitive nerves extend all the way down to circle the vagina. So, don’t just stop at external clit play. Work in some internal action too.
  2. The G-Spot sits within the vagina on the front wall. It’s through that this is where a bunch of nerves meet. But, did you know, higher up towards the top of the vagina, the cervix also has its own bunch of feel-good pathways that contribute towards climax,
  3. The penis as we know from our tantra work is also known the wand of light and boy, does it light up. Just a small amount of stimulation and the thing is throbbing like this will be its last chance.  But there’s more to sexual satisfaction. Work in the scrotum and you’re hovering around a ton of nerves there that run a little like those from the female clitoris. And bam. The pleasure is heightened.

What about erogenous zones around the rest of the body?

Erogenous zones are all over your body. Different areas of skin can be oh so sensitive. Try it out with your partner, different pressures, differing sensory experiences. A blindfold doesn’t have to be threatening. It can be highly erotic.

  1. The breast, on both men and women can drive you crazy. Everyone has a differing amount of sensitivity here, but if you take it slow you’ll be sure to tease pleasure from your loved one.
  2. This brings us to our next point, the nipples. This little nub of nerves can just need one touch on some people, while on others, that’s too much on its own. Others roll their eyes at the idea. BUT. And listen closely.  This isn’t called erogenous for no reason. Take step one seriously, gently build that tension and your partner will be begging for their nipples to be tweaked.
  3. Feet. Oh wow. Now, have you ever touched someone’s feet and they jump out of the way? That ticklish response is an erogenous zone. Even if people say they don’t like it. Calm their mind first though. And then bam. Watch them crawl around oozing pleasure.

And don’t forget, you don’t just have hands for touching, and caressing and stroking, and generally for creating any kind of pleasurable sensations. Mix it up. Use different pressures, graze an ear, flick a tongue or scrape your fingers across a lower back.

Take a leaf out of the tantric book and use kissing, your breath or different fabrics and textures to heighten that pleasure. And once you reach the lower areas of your lover’s body, don’t just hang around there.

Keep it moving.

Keep it fresh.

The more we mix it up, the more it confuses our brain and then the more difficult it is for us to concentrate on reality. Imagine, you’re being driven crazy and begging for your breasts, nipple and areola to be taken between your lover’s teeth. You’re not going to start thinking about putting the washing on or getting the car serviced, are you?

Erogenous zones and orgasm.

You find yourself in the arms of your loved one and those orgasmic waves are building. You’re desperate for release. But don’t rush. Stay close, on the brink, but do not allow yourself to fall over the edge.

As a lover, male or female, when you sense your partner being stimulated to the point of no return. Stop. Lightly tickle a foot, brush your lips over the nape of her neck. Nibble on his navel.  Take your time because this experience is about the pleasure, not the end result. That will come in time.

This is the point where you should be using your fingertips to caress those intimate areas that allow your partner to catch their breath. Kiss and move until the sensations of the orgasms calms. Run your nails through his hair, stroke your palms up the inside of his thighs. Take your own pleasure in creating sexy sucking noises along his side, his pubic bone and then breath heat, but don’t touch over his penis tip.

If your partner is begging to be kissed, place your finger at the tip of their mouth, place your lips so close your breath whispers over their wet lips. But don’t give in to that kiss until you’ve made their genitals crave to connect with yours with a fierce passion created out of having to work for it.

When is it time?

When you’ve hit all the spots and those erogenous zones have done their work, you’ve caressed their inner legs, nuzzled behind their ear and had a certain amount of anus and perineum play too. Your partner has been brought to the brink more than once and they are starting to sag back onto the bed. This is when it’s time to have some human compassion and begin massaging their private parts with a renewed focus. This is when you should set them free with that liberating sensation of a gentle build which crescendos into them eventually tearing down any walls they have built and releasing an almighty cry of obvious sexuality.  Their ejaculation is fierce as you guide them to a vibrating passion that rips into their spinal cord as their receptors blow and their exaggerated excitement has them coming beyond any of their previous thresholds.

This feather like control is how you not only find, but use erogenous zones to colour your partner’s passion so that anything less in the future will always be compared.

Watch all about how to use this gentle power and what it means.