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What will happen during the erotic massage?

Several techniques can be used. Your therapist is a female for men and male for females. Both are fully qualified massage therapists that have trained in tantra. The difference between a sensual massage and a more traditional form is that the touch is tender to soothe and relax you rather than working deep in to your muscle groups.

 You are likely to encounter a variety of sensual pleasures; breathing warmth in to your skin, and the soft velvety touch of skin on skin caressing the valleys and mountains of your body leaving every nerve caressed and cared for.

 That is in a nutshell is what sensuality is about. For some that is sexuality and erotica in its extreme.

 Yet for some, it is simply making the body more aware of the world around it, and becoming part of it, rather than separate from it.

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Where will I have my massage?

We are in Essex / East London, near Romford.  

You’ll have your tantric massage in a private therapy room.  We will work on your specific areas of concern (if you have any) whilst enabling you to become deeply relaxed. Exploring your senses further, we will tantalise your front to smooth your mind and let tension slip away.


There are no neon flashing lights, we’re very understated and private. You are not walking into a massage parlour with a bunch of sexy girls lined up willing to give you massages and more adult services than we advertise. We work only by appointment and always give priority to our existing clients. Your privacy is respected at all times.


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Do you do outcalls?

No. We’re based in Romford, we work by appointment and only from this location. We don’t do outcalls so you’ll need to come to us and even though you may be in a hotel down the road and still within Romford, outcalls isn’t what we’re about.

We’re incall only. However, please don’t confuse this phraseology with escorts. When you come to our therapy base in Romford, you’ll be in a completely private and sensual space that is especially set up for your masseuse’s needs. And please don’t forget that your sensual massage will be carried out by a trained tantra therapist who has been doing this for the last ten years. The whole experience is completely understated, at no point are you at risk. The environment is comfortable and laced with mutual respect all of which combines to produce a truly relaxing escape from reality.

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What do I do to prepare for my sensual massage?

Before you come along to our place in Romford, please ensure that you are clean as we don’t have shower facilities. Your sensual massage doesn’t use oil and any mess you make will be totally cleaned before you leave so you have no worries about that, but please do be clean. It’s impossible to give a truly erotic service when your therapist is turning their nose up at the smell, so you need to make the most of their skills and give them the best chance to deliver something that will transport you to a mesmerising sensual and erotic plane. Other than that, lie down, takes some calming breaths and make yourself comfortable as you relax and switch off.

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Do you offer a BDSM service?

There are no whips and ropes, this is a loving experience based on the touch of tantra. We won’t tie you up and we won’t physically restrain you. However, a lot of our clients like the fact that they must curtail their natural instincts to interact as this adds an additional edge to their sensuality. Whether you interpret this as including BDSM elements is down to you.

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Can I touch my therapist?

It’s natural to reach out and gently touch your tantirc therapist during your sensual acquaintance as you will feel the therapist’s naked body gliding over yours with tantric touch. However, this is about you enjoying the undiscovered pleasures of your own body and this is not an escort service. Please don’t mistake as such so no intimate touching is allowed and extras will not be provided.


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Do you have shower facilities?

We don’t but you won’t need them, your full body massage services works without oil, maximising your natural sense of touch through your heightened nerve endings. Anything that needs to be cleaned at the end will be done so as part of the practice. We have never had any problems in this area.

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I’d like to come with my partner for a couple’s sensual massage – is this possible?

This is something we used to offer but over time we have discovered that it doesn’t work that well. 

Men and women operate at different speeds, and so coming with your partner isn’t actually as an erotic experience as you expect.

We’d encourage you to come alone for a period of time totally focussed on you and your needs without distractions.

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How will I feel afterwards?

The massage is gentle so most people feel really relaxed after an erotic massage, however then most people will then feel rejuvenated and full of energy and on a bit of a natural high.

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Can you combine this erotic professional massage with a deep tissue massage?

No. This massage is gentle and sensual, the two styles are totally different and don’t combine well at all. We always recommend that if you want a deep tissue then you book this as part of a separate session.

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Why would I not be able to have a sensual massage?

There are a few illnesses which mean sensual massage would not be suitable for you. In this instance, we would be able to suggest a suitable professional massage alternative.

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What conditions are not suitable for a sensual massage?

There are a few which are quite obvious, for instance, contagious or notifiable diseases are a big no-no for an erotic massage. Also, for your own wellbeing, we wouldn’t recommend an erotic massage immediately before or after surgery, or immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor. The safety of your therapist is also important, so while alcohol and drugs may inhibit your nerves, you won’t be allowed an erotic massage if you are under their influence.

Please Note:  None of these massages replace medical treatment. If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment

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Where abouts do I have my erotic massage in Romford, London. I can’t find an address?

We send you the full address in Essex once you make a confirmed booking.  This is to avoid people just turning up as we only work on an appointment basis.

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How easy is it to find your body massage services place in Romford?, Essex

People generally don’t have any problems finding our location. We’re near to major road links as well as just being off the M25 in Romford, London so it’s a quick route for you to jump off the motorway or A12 or A127 in Romford and come for your appointment.

We’re in a fairly built up area of Essex so the transport links are very good.

Peak times do get busy.  If you arrive early you’re more than welcome to wait on the drive, there is more than enough space and we’ll come and find you as soon as we’re free.

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I've had a sensual massage in Romford before, are you the same place?

Perhaps. We’ve been around for years now offering sensual massage in Romford. We always give priority of booking to our existing clients, even if it’s years since you’ve been so be prepared to give us your old telephone number if you have changed it so that we can locate you.

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What kind of clients do you have?

All types of people come to us. We are all sexually frustrated, sexually inexperienced or afraid at one point or another in our lives. 

Gradually over time we are building out our meet our clients section where you can find read about some of the people who come to visit us.

You’ll be surprised at how much you have in common with them.

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I'm a female and am unsure of putting myself in a vulnerable position with a man

We understand. It’s difficult to work out the credible therapists genuinely interested in your wellbeing from the less salubrious offerings! However, if you’re normally interested in men, we would argue that you will get the most benefit from having your sensual experience with a goodlooking man.

We are genuine practitioners who have developed expertise over time and training to ensure that your sexuality is fulfilled. He won’t take advantage of you and if you don’t like anything then just say. This is your session.

If you’d like to read about some of our female clients, you can start your journey with Emma.

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