Milf Cougar Massage, Romford, Essex

Enjoy your very own milf cougar massage!

You’ve been sat fantasising over repeated views of milf cougar massage porn. But why would you limit yourself to pure fantasy? Book in for your very own cougar massage in Romford, Essex. And also, you have a ton of different massage styles to enjoy from your fantasy therapist, including:

  • Swedish or deep tissue including hand relief. You’re naked, she isn’t. £70 half hour. £120 per hour
  • Sensual massage, you’re both naked. £130 1 hour
  • Naturist naked massage, you’re both naked. £130 1 hour
  • As well as tantric massage where you’re both naked. £360 1.5 hours

That’s it. And she is no amateur. The content of the massage this mature cougar massage therapist offers will have your rock solid cock simping over her for months to come.

Play out your ultimate step-mum fantasy during your cougar massage while you enjoy the sensation of every single nerve in your body being set alight by an older woman who is an expert at teasing you. By the time you get to your lingam massage (handjob) you’ll be in love with the idea of fucking her. But you’ll have too much respect for her to try that, and instead you’ll take a visual image of her natural tits for your wank bank to use on your throbbing dick once you’ve left and you’re consumed with repeated self masturbation.

Your massage will start with you getting totally undressed and lying there naked on the massage table, waiting for her to enter. You’ll be face down and you’ll hear the door open and her walk in. But you won’t look up. You’ll feel her busty chest brush over you before you see them. The entire experience is hot as she seduces you into a frenzy like nothing you will have ever felt before. Plus, you’ll be guaranteed to pick up some tips to use on girls yourself.

I want anal, is that an option during my cougar massage.

If you’re looking for a sexy mom milf to milk your prostate, then you’re in luck, just book a prostate massage, or if you don’t want the internal sensations, just go for the rosebud massage.

Where can I get my milf cougar massage with this hot wife?

Text her direct on 07982 491392 to book your appointment in Romford, Essex now. She has appointments according to availability, so even if it’s the weekend, you’ll get a slot.

Undraped massage

Undraped massage

Can I have an undraped therapeutic massage?

Yes of course, if you want an undraped therapeutic massage that’s no issue at all. Just please note that all our massages come with a happy ending in the form of lingam or yoni massage. If you’d like your undraped therapeutic massage without this, then please just let us know ahead of time, it won’t affect the price you pay.

Undraped Massage Therapy is possible.

If you book and undraped therapeutic massage you’re not compromising on the quality of the massage therapy that you will receive. Your massage therapist is fully trained in a range of massage modalities, including tantra, but also advanced deep tissue and Swedish massage. So, you can be sure that the quality of the massage therapy, and your massage therapist is uncompromised by you asking for an undraped therapeutic massage.

Can I choose an undraped therapeutic massage combined with sensual massage?

The issue here isn’t whether you are draped by a towel or not, it’s the synergy between the two massage styles: therapeutic and sensual.

The type of sensual massage that we do is mindblowing, but it uses tantra massage techniques. This means that if you try to combine this with an undraped therapeutic massage then it’s kind of OK, but that’s not really what we’re about.

We want every session we offer to be completely out of this world. And that’s not about whether you’re naked during you’re treatment. There’s way more going on.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve done it before, and we will again, but this isn’t something that we feel comfortable offering to our clients. You need to request it and understand that your results for both the undraped therapeutic massage and the sensual massage will be compromised.

Why will my undraped therapeutic massage if I combine it with sensual massage?

There is only so much time. So if you book an hour’s session, that may sound like plenty of time. But, by the time you’ve got comfortable, laid down on the massage table, regardless of draping, you’ve already lost a few minutes.

Then your massage therapist needs to warm up your muscles and work the tight areas on your body that are causing you pain or problems. This can easily take the rest of the hour in itself.

But, by combining sensual massage techniques with undraped therapeutic massage, you’re asking us to then move away from a massage style that will often cause discomfort into something slow and sensual with a light gentle touch. It is also a slow burn. Your sensitivity to your therapist’s touch evolves over time. Time we probably don’t have much of left by now.

You see the issue?

It’s not just an issue of whether you prefer not to drape towels. Being nude during your session isn’t the same as receiving a quality sensual massage.

Plenty of undraped massages will be just a standard massage dolled up as either therapeutic or sensual, but these don’t truly understand the way that we need to manipulate your mind and body to give you the best possible results.

If you still want both in one session, we’ll do it. But we’d much rather recommend that you keep the both separate. You can always have an undraped therapeutic massage with lingam or yoni massage and then save the amazing sensual massage for another time.

But, if you really can’t do that, then please ensure you book out enough time for your session to be done properly. We’d always recommend two hours.

If I’m undraped during my therapeutic massage, will my therapist be upset if I become aroused?

It’s natural during the massage for men to display a little appreciation in the form of increased blood flow to their genitals. To be nude means that the massage therapist will probably see these effects.

It’s not an issue. And particularly since you’ll be finishing your session with a lingam massage, anyway.

By the way, if you’d simply prefer for an undraped massage without any happy ending, then feel free to ask your therapist before the massage commences so that she knows how to allocate her time. It’s one thing to be undraped, but when you’re having a therapeutic massage, your needs whilst you are on the massage table are specific to having a problem fixed. Or healed. And so it’s important that your massage therapist understands exactly what service you are after so that she can concentrate on the most important parts.

I’m a woman, do I need to give specific informed consent to be naked

Many of our clients are worried about their partners finding out they have been to visit us. Whether this is for a sensual massage or an undraped therapeutic massage, the risks are high. We understand this. So, if you would prefer to keep your visit private, as most of our clients do, then we understand. It’s about managing your level of comfort so that you feel free to come back again. And this is one important reason why we have built such a loyal clientele over the years.

Do I get undressed in front of my therapist?

Your massage therapist will leave your private treatment room whilst you undress in order to make you feel comfortable. They’ll only enter again when you shout to confirm you are ready and lying face down on the massage table. If this is your first time and you’re nervous tell us. You can also say at any time whilst you are receiving the massage if you are not enjoying being undraped as much as you expected and we can use a number of draping techniques to readjust your modesty until you enjoy the massage experience again.

Why do people want an undraped therapeutic massage?

There are many reasons, and in our experience, sensual excitement is at the top of the list.

However, many people simply enjoy the massage more without a towel because the flow of the massage techniques are more fluid. There is a grace which allows your therapist to slide from the tips of your toes to your neck without a break. This fluidity is most comfortable with naturist massage and can be incredibly relaxing to the recipient.

The benefits of undraped therapeutic massage are therefore hugely relaxing for body and mind. It is important though that if you are going to be naked, that you be comfortable with your body. And this depends on the person. What is right for one person may not be right for the next. And so your enjoyment depends on the way you feel inside when you are in the nude.

Are you naturally liberated? A towel can sometimes slip during a draped massage; does that give you a thrill?

Or are you shy?

The freedom of fully body massage means your therapist can do away with towels which are traditionally used to cover the areas which aren’t being worked. Would you be happy with this?

The massage experience, and your enjoyment of it depends not only on how comfortable the person giving the massage makes you feel, but also on the person receiving the massage experience.

Take your time and think about whether this is right for you. If you need to cancel, you must give us 24 hours notice from the time of your scheduled appointment otherwise the full amount of your session will be due.

Are specific genitalia and breasts of female clients included within an undraped therapeutic massage?

A lingam and yoni massage are of the genitals. This doesn’t include breasts, but if you would like these to be included then we can. All we’d say is that if you’re looking to relax, then a therapeutic massage may not be the best choice for you. Instead we’d recommend a sensual or yoni tantra massage.

To book, text 07982 491392

Sensual foot massage

Sensual foot massage

Give, receive, or learn about sensual foot massage

It goes without saying that a foot massage is a massage of the foot. But, did you know, that it is one of the easiest things to turn into a sensual experience? This is because many people don’t know that there are multiple areas of their foot that are erogenous zones. It’s even possible to give someone an orgasm with one hand or with your thumb using a sensual foot massage technique.

What we offer:

We’ll massage your feet

If you’re looking to relax with a sensual foot massage, then you’re in the right place. You can lie back and enjoy your feet being pampered for an hour. Your experienced massage therapist will use specialist lotion or oil across the ball of the foot, under your toes, even the base of your ankle to massage the base and tops of the feet and stimulate arousal.

We’ll then finish this with an erotic lingam massage, again using oil or lotion.

You massage our feet

If your kink is to give the foot massage, then you may spend your slot giving a great massage of the feet to your therapist. Please note, this is not code for gradually going higher and seeing where you end up. The massage you give will be purely limited to massage of the feet and ankles.

With fifteen minutes to go, your therapist will then use a gentle pressure on your penis to finish your treatment with their hands via a lingam massage so you leave relieved.

We’ll teach you some sensual foot massage tricks

If you’d like to learn the techniques associated with giving a great foot massage, whether this be what pressure to use, locating erogenous zones and so on, we’ll guide you as you give your therapist a great massage of her feet.

We’ll cover which fingers to use to locate certain pressure points in the body easiest, and we’ll discuss which areas of the feet link to different parts of the body. For instance, if you’re wanting to relax someone who is tense, then you may what to use your thumbs on their big toe. We’ll show you how.

Many people suffer with a sore arch of their foot, and the pain release they can feel when you rub and hold this in the right way can open many doors. For their health and your deeper sexual arousal as you watch them physically loosen in front of your very eyes.

This isn’t just about holding and rubbing feet, There’s so much more to it. And luckily you’re in expert hands.

To book your first relaxing and sensual foot massage session today and reap the benefits, text us on 07982 491392

Meet our clients — Dave

Meet our clients — Dave

Married and lonely – Dave

Meet Dave. He’s married and lonely. Dave loves his wife, but since they had kids, her focus has changed. He used to be the centre of her world, but then the children arrived and so did her focus.

Now, all she wants to do is look after the kids and his feelings of loneliness continue to grow,

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re never lonely.

A marriage can make you feel more alone than being single sometimes. You have a partner and they’re there for you as much as they can be. But, the issue is that the kids mean they just don’t have that much available energy to give you time or understand how you’re feeling. The support you had after a tough day has filtered out and instead this is now replaced by you needing to put in the effort of listening about feeding, sleep patterns and do bath time as soon as you walk through the door. 

You get no peace. Sure, you’re out at work all day, but it’s not like this time is your own.

And Dave would like nothing more than to relax with a hot bath himself. Followed by sex with his wife, who he still adores to let off some steam.

But there’s no time. Nor energy for that. And Dave finds this understandably difficult. It’s not like he’s had the time to adapt. One day he was lying in bed next to his wife. The next, there was a baby between them.

This happened to Dave. We can see how he is now married and lonely. They were blissfully happy, but then when they started their lives as parents, his partner needed to divert all of her emotional resources to her family. Don’t get him wrong. Dave idolises his kids. He loves them with every ounce of his being. He goes to work every day. And he works hard. All so his wife and kids can have the best life possible.

But this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t resent them.

This isn’t a talk that he’d have with his friends.

Dave is ashamed and has an internal conflict about the way his family bring out his passive aggressive side. All he longs for is intimacy with his partner, but when she’s with him, although she may be in the same room, her mind is elsewhere. It’s like their intimacy slipped away when the children arrived and they’ve turned into one of those functioning couples who have lost the physical connection. 

With no sign of getting it back soon.

Dave is a dutiful husband. And he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife. The idea of hurting her feelings slices through his heart like a dagger. Even though he understands his life was partly his choice, there are still times when he questions the validity of his decision to become a father now that the harsh reality of the sacrifices he and his wife have to make are clear.

Try talking to your partner, now that’s a joke.

Dave feels like he walks on eggshells. His wife’s nerves are frayed at the best of times nowadays. Level headed sensible communication about a touchy situation is something that he has tried and learned fast that they’re best to avoid.

And for sure, they’re emotionally sharing the responsibility, but he can’t let off the steam of that with the person to whom he is closest to anymore. When they share a sexual experience, it’s rushed. And he feels his wife has checked out. These are genuine issues.

Every person needs love. And to feel that love.

But, sometimes, the person we’re used to giving us that love doesn’t have the resource. She may even experience a level of depression herself after the birth.

This is how Dave feels. He’s married. He loves his wife. But he needs more than she has to give him at the moment.

The last thing he wants is to hurt his wife. 

But his needs are valid. His need to be sexually stimulated, to feel love and compassion and have some time out to himself are driving him insane. 

And so Dave comes to see us regularly. We lighten his load and he returns to his wife in a more calm state. More prepared, and able, to be the excellent husband he wants to be.

Dave isn’t a real client. Out of respect for the privacy of our clients, we would never tell you exact stories about any one individual. However, Dave is such a common issue that many of our regular clients deal with.

To book your ‘time out’ session, text us on 07982 491392

What is a naturist massage?

What is a naturist massage?

When you’re asking what is a naturist massage, it’s also important to understand a few key points. Because not all naturist massages are equal.

Here we’ll break down what each is and what naturist massage means for each. This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether you would like to book a professional tantric therapeutic massage with us, or to book one of the erotic massages offered by providers on directories.

Tantric Massage Therapy

Tantra and tantric massage are buzzwords. But who understands what they mean? It’s an intricate method of delving into ourselves where red is for sexual tantra and white is for self-discovery. So the term tantra is broad. And this is confusing.

As the many directories advertise tantra massage when they don’t even know what makes a massage tantric.

There are so many kinds of massage and it’s confusing knowing what it is you should choose. Intimate massage can be a special service that makes you feel amazing. Or it can fall flat. 

What is a Sensual Massage? 

Pleasure massages are ones where there is no muscular work, and the focus is on sensuality. We may refer these to as 

They’ll include hand relief, hand release or happy ending. These are all terms for the same thing. Ejaculation. 

These massages last between one or two hours. 

Any of the above pleasure massage will cover your full-body and finish with massage of your sexual organs/ genitals. The technical term for this is a lingam massage, although we can include this throughout the massage with the release at the end. The female equivalent is yoni massage.

The pleasure massages are relaxing experiences which allow sexual release in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe. These erotic massages are great for stress relief whilst being pampered in expert and safe hands.

Sensual massage does not include oral or penetrative sex.

Tantric Massage vs Sensual Massage 

Traditional tantric massage is a level up from sensual massage or erotic massage. Your therapist will have trained at a specialist school where they learnt tantric practices. They’ll pass these onto you.

We have done this training and have adapted our sensual massage experiences to include some tantra elements for your heightened enjoyment. We’ll open up energy flow, and therefore even the sensual massages that we offer take time. Tantra is a minimum of two hours although we understand that this is an enormous commitment for many people and so we offer a 1.5 hour option. It’s not as good though!

There is tantric sex, but this isn’t what is on offer in a tantric therapy experience. We’re working with your energy and healing practices to provide you an elevated level of intimacy and connection – and enjoyment from your body. We’ll activate energy flow that some people say is like being high. This natural and pure hedonistic pleasure doesn’t have the side effects of drugs.

Tantric massage will allow you to experience your sexuality in a brand new light. This will open up your mind to a new understanding of your nature — being spiritual and sensual. Tantra will also make you a better physical lover.

So back to our original question, what is a naturist massage?

For us, naturist massage means you are naked. Your therapist may or may not be naked, but because the massages we offer are mostly of a deeply sensual nature, we feel it is better if both you and your masseuse are completely naked for the duration of your treatment.

If you’re having a more therapeutic touch such as deep tissue with hand release, then because your session is about healing your muscles rather than your mind and soul, although you’re getting an orgasm at the end, the focus isn’t on sensuality. You will be naked for your massage, but your therapist will not.

What are the benefits to a naturist massage?

What you can expect varies by the different modalities. they allow your life force to flow in an authentic sensual environment. This nudist experience is liberating, giving you not only sexual relief and self-discovery but also some warm steps to enjoy with your partner.

Where are you based?

You can enjoy any of our naturist massages at our modern tantra space in Romford. This borders on Essex and East London.  If you’d like to know more about the techniques, there is a greater run down here. If you have questions, then you might want to check out our FAQ page which will give you immediate answers as we can’t always reply immediately to your text messages.

Naturist massage services

Naturist massage services

If you’re looking for professional Naturist massage services in London or Essex then we’ve got your covered. Based in Romford, we’re on the border of London and Essex and provide a whole range of Naturist massage services.

Our therapists are English, trained in tantra and professional throughout.

We ask the same of you.

What naturist massage services do you offer?

Sensual massage

This is the most popular of our naturist massage services. A minimum of one hour, the techniques used are based on tantra but don’t require the same time commitment. Consider this a mini tantra massage.

You and your therapist are both naked during this most erotic of sensual experiences. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had time out from the real world.

Tantra massage

This is the ultimate of our naturist massage services that we offer. It is a minimum of 1.5 hours but to get the most out of your experience, you should really try and book 2 hours.

The process takes time but is a wonderful joy that is well worth it. The effects of a tantra massage will last for days and even weeks.

Both you and your therapist are naked during this elongated period of erotic massage. You’ll connect your mind and spirits during this sensual experience, working with breathing techniques to induce a deep state of connection.

Your tantric massage will be done on a specialist pad on ground rather than a massage table as with our other naturist massage services.

Naturist massage essex blog header
Naturist massage Essex

Naturist naked massage

The naturist naked massage is much like the sensual massage. It encompasses gentle, sensual touch. Both you and your masseuse are naked throughout. This massage won’t work your muscles.

If you have knots that need therapy, then please book the deep tissue massage with hand release.

Ladies full massage

During this ladies full massage you can choose whether you are naked or not. So the choice is yours as to how you feel.

Generally our clients prefer to be naturist during this erotic massage experience even though it does not include a yoni massage (massage of female gentials)

Deep tissue massage with hand release

The deep tissue massage with hand release is the right option if you need some tight muscles working out. During the deep tissue massage with hand release, only you will be naturist. Your therapist will remain clothed.

The hand release at the end will be a lingam massage for men or yoni tantra massage for our females. This is an intense process of edging prior to release.

How do I book one of the Naturist massage services you offer?

You can text us on 07982 491392 and we’ll come back to you as soon as we’re free. We do take bookings on the day, please check our terms and conditions of booking and our FAQ’s page too.

We’re based in Romford on the border of Essex and London.