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Meet our clients — Gemma

Gemma came to us because she had no intimacy in her marriage from her husband. The issues started slowly; she didn’t notice at first. But then over time, sex within their marriage became a thing of the past. And then gradually, with that, the intimacy between the...

Meet our clients — Dave

Married and lonely - Dave Meet Dave. He’s married and lonely. Dave loves his wife, but since they had kids, her focus has changed. He used to be the centre of her world, but then the children arrived and so did her focus. Now, all she wants to do is look...

Meet our clients — Alice

Alice was lonely after her husband passed, in every way, including being sexually lonely. It's one emotion that friends are afraid to cover. Sex. It can be intimidating to bring this up in a society that hides sexual connection away behind closed doors. Particularly...

Meet our clients — Emma

Emma was feeling sexually frustrated in her marriage after she became pregnant. Her husband lost interest in sexual intercourse and Emma's sexual frustration grew over time. Eventually the pressure of not having sex meant that she began looking elsewhere to quell her...

Essex Tantric

If you’re looking for Essex Tantric Massage, then you’re in the right place. Our tantra therapists are trained in tantra, we’re English and experienced. We’ve been healing people with tantra techniques for almost ten years now and have many regular clients from in and...

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