Milf Cougar Massage, Romford, Essex

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You’ve been sat fantasising over repeated views of milf cougar massage porn. But why would you limit yourself to pure fantasy? Book in for your very own cougar massage in Romford, Essex. And also, you have a ton of different massage styles to enjoy from your fantasy therapist, including:

  • Swedish or deep tissue including hand relief. You’re naked, she isn’t. £70 half hour. £120 per hour
  • Sensual massage, you’re both naked. £130 1 hour
  • Naturist naked massage, you’re both naked. £130 1 hour
  • As well as tantric massage where you’re both naked. £360 1.5 hours

That’s it. And she is no amateur. The content of the massage this mature cougar massage therapist offers will have your rock solid cock simping over her for months to come.

Play out your ultimate step-mum fantasy during your cougar massage while you enjoy the sensation of every single nerve in your body being set alight by an older woman who is an expert at teasing you. By the time you get to your lingam massage (handjob) you’ll be in love with the idea of fucking her. But you’ll have too much respect for her to try that, and instead you’ll take a visual image of her natural tits for your wank bank to use on your throbbing dick once you’ve left and you’re consumed with repeated self masturbation.

Your massage will start with you getting totally undressed and lying there naked on the massage table, waiting for her to enter. You’ll be face down and you’ll hear the door open and her walk in. But you won’t look up. You’ll feel her busty chest brush over you before you see them. The entire experience is hot as she seduces you into a frenzy like nothing you will have ever felt before. Plus, you’ll be guaranteed to pick up some tips to use on girls yourself.

I want anal, is that an option during my cougar massage.

If you’re looking for a sexy mom milf to milk your prostate, then you’re in luck, just book a prostate massage, or if you don’t want the internal sensations, just go for the rosebud massage.

Where can I get my milf cougar massage with this hot wife?

Text her direct on 07982 491392 to book your appointment in Romford, Essex now. She has appointments according to availability, so even if it’s the weekend, you’ll get a slot.