Naturist massage services

Naturist massage services

If you’re looking for professional Naturist massage services in London or Essex then we’ve got your covered. Based in Romford, we’re on the border of London and Essex and provide a whole range of Naturist massage services.

Our therapists are English, trained in tantra and professional throughout.

We ask the same of you.

What naturist massage services do you offer?

Sensual massage

This is the most popular of our naturist massage services. A minimum of one hour, the techniques used are based on tantra but don’t require the same time commitment. Consider this a mini tantra massage.

You and your therapist are both naked during this most erotic of sensual experiences. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had time out from the real world.

Tantra massage

This is the ultimate of our naturist massage services that we offer. It is a minimum of 1.5 hours but to get the most out of your experience, you should really try and book 2 hours.

The process takes time but is a wonderful joy that is well worth it. The effects of a tantra massage will last for days and even weeks.

Both you and your therapist are naked during this elongated period of erotic massage. You’ll connect your mind and spirits during this sensual experience, working with breathing techniques to induce a deep state of connection.

Your tantric massage will be done on a specialist pad on ground rather than a massage table as with our other naturist massage services.

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Naturist massage Essex

Naturist naked massage

The naturist naked massage is much like the sensual massage. It encompasses gentle, sensual touch. Both you and your masseuse are naked throughout. This massage won’t work your muscles.

If you have knots that need therapy, then please book the deep tissue massage with hand release.

Ladies full massage

During this ladies full massage you can choose whether you are naked or not. So the choice is yours as to how you feel.

Generally our clients prefer to be naturist during this erotic massage experience even though it does not include a yoni massage (massage of female gentials)

Deep tissue massage with hand release

The deep tissue massage with hand release is the right option if you need some tight muscles working out. During the deep tissue massage with hand release, only you will be naturist. Your therapist will remain clothed.

The hand release at the end will be a lingam massage for men or yoni tantra massage for our females. This is an intense process of edging prior to release.

How do I book one of the Naturist massage services you offer?

You can text us on 07982 491392 and we’ll come back to you as soon as we’re free. We do take bookings on the day, please check our terms and conditions of booking and our FAQ’s page too.

We’re based in Romford on the border of Essex and London.

Tantric therapy London

Tantric therapy London

If you’re looking for tantric therapy London, then Romford is East London. It’s half an hour on the train from London Liverpool Street and easily accessible from the A12 and A13 if you’re driving.

There are plenty of tantra therapists in London. They come and go. Sensual Massage Tantric Massage in Romford, East London has been around for years. Same practitioner. No changes.

So if you’re looking for a genuine tantric massage body practitioner that is easily accessible from London, then you’ve found your place.

Why make the trip for tantric therapy London?

There are plenty of people claiming to be tantra therapists in London. Anyone can learn the moves. They come, and they go. And many have never even done a course, they just claim to have. 

Some may be qualified in aromatherapy or work with muscular massage tools. These are not the same as tantra practice. Both work with the body, but we also work with your mind.

There’s no substitute for official tantra training with years of experience layered on top of that.

Plus living a holistic life including regular yoga and massages means that your therapist has the spiritual skills to tune in to your energy.

And anyone who knows about tantra and elevating physical experiences through the mind, understands the benefits of a spiritual love.

What massage do you offer?

We provide sensual massage and tantric massage (massagetantra) to female and male clients. These include a lingam (massagelingam) or yoni massage as standard, so please say if this isn’t what you’re looking for. 

In addition, you can add in the sacred intimacy of a prostate massage or rosebud massage too.

Please note: This is sensual healing, a voyage of positive discovery where you experience the erotic sensations of your heart that you’ve never experienced. 

Tantric feather brushing over naked stomach during sensual massage romford

Whilst this is a sexual experience, we have boundaries and are not offering sex and there needs to be an understanding and trust between you and your masseuse before your session starts.

What are the health benefits of sensual or tantric massage?

There is a mass of research on the internet that demonstrates the connection between reducing stress and massage. 

Taking this more sensual route to massage only heightens that experience. For you to get in touch with the pleasures of your body, your mind needs to switch off. This is how an hour’s intimate appointment with us leaves individuals feeling like they’ve relaxed for an entire afternoon.

And we have the techniques to help you with this. Before we even start any bodywork and massage, we’ll slip your brain into a safe place to relax with some breathwork and meditation. You’ll be surprised at how much support this gives your practices.

Who enjoys tantric therapy London?

This kind of massage therapy is great for a range of clients with differing issues. Whether you’re women or men discovering your hidden sensuality or learning skills to share within your relationship, although we don’t work with couples.

  • We also have clients who come to discover their sexuality under the calming touch of our hands. They use our knowledge and coaching to get under the skin of what they’ve kept hidden. 
  • People who aren’t satisfied with their partner.
  • Some use their sessions as workshops where they have discovered their loving spirit.
  • We have plenty of business people looking for professional relief. To be the less dominant receiver within the crazy walk of external expectations.
  • Our therapies help people looking for transformation in expressing themselves and to cast aside the shadow of shyness. They become more confident.
  • If you’re looking to access the cause of dysfunction you’ve been running from and so improve the wellbeing of your family life.
  • Our rituals unlock the mysteries of elusive authentic happiness. And heal regardless of race or self esteem.

What happens during my session?

I discuss fully a sensual massage on additional pages. This process is a light movement of two naked bodies together. Within the space you have the freedom to explore your body’ in a safe environment.

We launch your experience with the promise of consent. Giving up your power in this way is liberating on a deeper psychological note. This agreement sets the tone of mutual respect.

erotic hypnosis role play of bondage BDSM

From here on in, your tantric massage journey starts. By helping you to slip into a deep state of relaxation, the joy of sensual touch at our expert fingers builds. This changing tide of pleasure surges un-announced to create beautiful elite retreat from everyday life. You’re the explorer of your own body.

And then the joyful release at the end.

How can I book an appointment?

Your wonderful journey to understanding touch and the pleasure of your body starts when you first get in contact. You book your sessions and we give you our address. Text us now to book your tantric therapy London. 07982 491392.

In terms of routes, you can get here via a few stops on the tube/ tfl overground rail train or driving. We have free off street parking in the road where you can park.

Naturist massage Essex

Naturist massage Essex

What is a naturist massage?

Naturist massage can mean unconventional things to distinct people but at Sensual Massage Tantric Massage Essex, we consider this to be when BOTH the therapist and you as our client are naked. We conduct your entire treatment naturist by both participants.

Tell me about the naturist massage you offer in Essex

This all starts before you arrive. You need to be clean and well groomed. Prepare well. This helps you build the anticipation for the naturism you have booked and are looking forward to.

When you arrive at the address in Essex, you will wait in your car until the exact time of your appointment. Your heart will race, you’ll be tingling all over. And you’ll think about leaving. 


This is normal. And it’s part of your naturist massage experience.

When it’s time for you to start, your tantra masseuse will meet you. And you’ll start out with a consultation. Your hands may shake as you hand over the payment. Your voice will be hoarse as you answer questions. And you’ll be wondering what on earth possessed you to think you ever saw the sense in booking this special experience?

This is one of the techniques to heighten your senses. And because our naked massages are intense. We need to know about any underlying health conditions so we can make sure you are safe throughout. If you have questions, this is your time to ask them, but don’t forget we’ve covered a lot already on our FAQ page.

After this, you’ll be show into your massage treatment room where your experience will take place. The lighting will be dim, the mood will be charged, and this is where we will realise your greatest pleasures.

You’ll undress and hang up your clothes. You’ll be slow and take care. When you lie on the massage table, you’ll feel your heart pounding into the cushioning.

Why on earth did you think you’d enjoy this?

Trust us. We have years of experience over lots of clients. We know what we’re doing. You’re in expert hands.

When you shout, your tantra therapist will join you. You won’t be able to see. Your imagination will swim wildly with anticipation. Her hands will touch you, and you’ll shiver under her caress. Your mind will swirl.

And then when your naturist massage starts, you’ll relax into the experienced touch of a professional who knows what they’re doing in treatments. The natural flow will build sexual tension. You’ll tingle, you’ll bulge, you’ll relax.

erotic hypnosis role play of bondage BDSM

Knots you didn’t know you had will be released whilst others we will allow others glow under the dim light of the treatment room. Your physical prowess will surprise you, you’ve not felt like that in such a long time. And you won’t even notice until afterwards how relaxed you are with your entire experience.

You’ll de-stress physically and mentally. 

Motion builds, we introduce a lingam massage to your pelvic region. Your genitals will ache with the efficient temptation of your arousal.

Then your mind will go blank.

You’re aroused, you’re hard. And that is all you can think about as you plummet to a different level of relaxation, all consumed by the burning heaviness in your groin.

Eventually you’ll be allowed to release. And you’ll do so with full appreciation of your naturist position and that of your naked masseuse. 

Sensual massage tantric massage Essex are easily accessible from around Essex including Hornchurch, Brentwood as far as Colchester because of the fast connecting road networks. We do not allow walk-ins you must book an appointment before you visit on text.

Where is Essex can I get this?

We’re close to key routes in Romford, so this gives you easy access whether you’re coming from the coast or London. 

Why would I make the trip to Essex for your naturist massage?

We’re English

Not only do we do a nudist massage, but we’re trained in tantra. This elevates the naturist massage to a whole different level.

Your body session will be without clothes, but it won’t be a dirty brief liaison. We won’t be offering you additional activities such as sex. You’ll be in a clean environment with professionals.

Massage hand release

Massage hand release

If you’ve typed in massage hand release to your phone or keypad, chances are you’re looking for a quick massage with the focus on hand relief. We’re not saying you’ve got that all wrong, but if you want the best ever hand relief moment of your life, then think about investing a little more time into the massage.

Here’s why massage hand release is good for you

When you have a massage the physiological effects are that it relaxes your muscles, but also your mind. Your heart rate slows as a result of the physical therapy and with that your blood pressure.

The stimulus that dance around your brain, distracting it from the pleasure of your body slowly ease under the gentle massaging pressure of your therapist’s hands and fingers. Gradually, as her hands stroke your body stress disappears like pulling overgrown ivy from a wall. 

What we’re left with is you. Laid bare. Totally naked from the cloak that stress masks us with.

The more you relax, the more the part of your brain that deals with sexual energy is able to connect to the relaxing motion of your tantric therapist. More time means your entire body can be included within the massage, from your foot and leg all the way to your wrist, fingers and thumb. 

And of course your pelvis. But, by the time we reach that area, you’ll be craving hand release.

This is where we start to build tension. But this time it’s sexual tension. One of craving where nothing else matters other than the heavy ache in your penis and the tight knot that is your testicles.

Hold tight, you’re close. This will now be the ride of your life.

You’ll think you’re about to climax. All the sensations will start. You’ll contract, your spine will tingle and your ears will buzz. 

But your therapist won’t release the trigger. Because you have time, your massage will continue to build your anticipation. Eventually, you’ll be on the edge and when that hand release comes boy will it be earth shattering. Your toes will curl and the relief will be emotional.

This sacred tantra bodywork is called a lingam massage. Sure, it’s massage hand release, but it’s also one of the most effective stress relievers available.

To book, text 07982 491392

Rosebud massage. I’ve never heard of that.

Rosebud massage. I’ve never heard of that.

Perhaps not. But there are so many pleasures associated with a rosebud massage for men that it is something you should become acquainted with. Think about the rosebud massage as being the little brother to the prostate massage.

First let’s look at prostate massage

When you have a prostate massage treatment your therapist’s fingers will insert inside your rectum. She’ll find your prostate gland and gently massage it. For many men this can bring you to climax without any need to stimulate your penis with a lingam massage.

However, the thought of internal body work isn’t for everyone. If this sounds like you, then you may want to try the rosebud massage.

What is the rosebud massage?

If you think about how a rosebud looks then you can see why massage of the area around your anus (but not inside) is called the rosebud massage. That area of skin is incredibly sensitive and many clients don’t need internal stimulation of their prostate to enjoy the electrifying effects.

Why is this?

The nerves that run up to your prostate start externally. They run between your buttocks underneath your shaft and then eventually end deep inside you at your prostate gland. This means that it can be incredibly satisfying if your tantra therapist works around these sensitive nerves at the entrance to your anus.

How does a rosebud massage feel?

It’s different for everyone. The sensations can shift from gentle ripples at the same time as a lingam massage to earth shattering explosions. Simply from working around the anal area. The pleasure can be immeasurable.

What’s more is that there seem to be more men who enjoy this anal stimulation than pure prostate massage.

What are the benefits of rosebud sensual massage stimulation?

The beauty of tantra massage techniques are unquestionably amazing at reducing tension and inducing relaxation in our clients. Layer on top of that additional tantric treatments such as working with other elements of your nervous system in this way and it’s the ideal therapy for stressed out people. 

The sensation starts as warm tingling which often then builds to a hot and flurried clenching of your muscles. This special energy stimulates other areas of your body and you’re left as putty in the hands of your trained masseuse. The connection you feel with her will heighten and when you release, it will be with a power and force that will have you moving around on the massage table, out of control. 

Simply put, add in the rosebud massage and it will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced.

When you leave, it will be with a sense of calm soothing. Your circulation will improve, your nerves which were on fire will have calmed to a gentle buzzing and you’ll feel alive and complete again.

To book text us on 07982 491392 today

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