Premature ejaculatory dysfunction

Premature ejaculatory dysfunction

In most cases, there isn’t a medical cause for premature ejaculatory dysfunction in males. Otherwise known as premature ejaculation (PE), this form of erectile dysfunction is officially when a man ejaculates before or within about a minute of penetration. 

However, the combination of the female involved being upset with the speed of your performance, along with your own feelings of failure, can lead to many psychological side effects.

Side effects of premature ejaculation

It’s not uncommon for PE to contribute to damaging emotions such as shame and humiliation, distress as well as anxiety and depression. In time, this can mean that the man may even have problems getting or maintaining an erection due to him being overly nervous. If you’re using condoms, it won’t be uncommon for him to lose his erection before he even gets the thing on at this stage.

Panic not. You are understood.

The good news is that with a little understanding, premature ejaculatory dysfunction can be relatively easy to sort out. 

In order to do this, we need a little background. Men and women work differently – down there…

Males and females experience sexual pleasure in different ways. Men enjoy sex just as much if it lasts for an hour or a minute, whereas for women, intercourse can get better over a longer period. Beware though men. Women don’t just want you to go longer. They need stimulating with a variety of sensations. This can be a common misunderstanding between the sexes, but is actually really helpful if you’re suffering from premature ejaculatory dysfunction.

If you’re a woman reading this because your partner isn’t satisfying you, it may be that he simply does not understand. If this is the case, then a gentle and encouraging conversation can go a long way to solving your problems. That’s even more likely when you understand how to control your arousal and be able to more closely match it to your partner’s.

Tantra is fabulous at giving you the tools to find that meeting point. For men to slow down and for women to move faster. It’s all about being more sexually intuitive.

The deal with tantra is that it’s all about going slow. Have you heard about people saying they’ve spent hours having tantric sex?

We have.

But here’s the biggy.

Tantric sex isn’t about spending hours with a man’s penis inside you. Penetration is part of the whole sensual experience between a couple, but the practice of tantra actually takes practice. And patience.

Couples prolong intercourse for as long as they can, and the orgasm. This builds up a whole load of intense excitement in both your body through genital foreplay and your mind via breath work and meditations which trust us, amount to non-touching foreplay.

This kind of delayed arrival at the end point is great whether you’re a man or a woman suffering with the effects of premature ejaculatory dysfunction.

You learn to hold the need to ejaculate on the brink. When you feel it rising, slow down your speed, pull away if necessary and count to as much as you need to in order to calm down the swell.

Over time, you’ll begin to delay the point at which you ejaculate and over time you’ll begin to wonder whether you ever had issues at all.

It’s all about how you treat premature ejaculation and your ability to not be beaten by it mentally. Because, as we keep saying, good sexual experiences and tantric sensuality is all about the mind. It’s only when you get this engaged that the body follows.

Treatment of premature ejaculation dysfunction.

There is no real medical treatment for premature ejaculation. This is largely because the factors are largely emotional, so medications aren’t effective. If you become depressed, antidepressants will actually dull your libido — not exactly where we’re headed with this.

The best medicine traditionally is talking counselling with a sex therapist rather than popping a drug. This can be speaking with someone, like us, about what you think the emotional causes of your physical issues are.

What will happen?

When you come to us, your session will start with a consultation. You may have already filled us in on text beforehand if talking face to face is difficult for you, but if not, we’ll have a chat to find out what’s going on. This will include you discussing whether you’ve had any recent surgery, when you are finding you’re having issues and what exactly resolving the problem typically means for you.

And then, we can take this further into a sensual massage setting where you will relax whilst your therapist uses an array of different techniques with the purpose of stimulating you, and then stopping before you release. Thus helping you to practice controlling the power of the innate urge. 

The benefit of her experience as well as compassion will aid your stimulation, but there is also something to be said for it not mattering whether ‘it’ works with her or not. She is a professional who has no emotional bearing on your life, if you break it down, all you’re doing is running through some simple exercises together, albeit in an incredibly intense and sensual setting.

Who cares?

For sure, she cares about your success, but you’re not letting her down. Her reputation depends on you making progress and she will do everything within her professional powers and training to get you to where you feel you are normal, but she won’t be let down by your difficulties. She is experienced and has worked with many people over her career and she knows that over time, with sufficient caring intimacy, you will improve.

By operating within this caring environment, and being persistent, refusing to be disheartened, you will last longer. Although we won’t deny that practice makes perfect when dealing with sexual dysfunction. But, over time, you’ll develop confidence over the course of your treatments. 

You’ll learn fun stuff for home

You’ll also learn masturbation play to use at home so that you can keep your lady happy whilst you’re making your progress. The last thing anyone wants is for frustration to creep into your relationship.

In addition, we’ll also teach you how to help her to better tie her arousal in with your timeline so that you’re better aligned to achieve simultaneous climax. We’re willing to bet that this will be helpful for you as a couple, that you’ll grow closer, as will your desire.

If you have any concerns about your health, you should always seek advice from a doctor or medical practitioner. We are treating your dysfunctions symptoms with your personal program, not providing a diagnosis.

Why we love, and why we cheat.

Why we love, and why we cheat.

Firstly, before we look at why we cheat, let’s examine what is it to love?

The last 45 years of psychological research has established some commonalities that happen when you fall in love.

1. A person takes on special meaning, the world has a new centre in the person that you have fallen in love with. Love is blind and you can easily ignore the things that you don’t like about that person.

2. You become sexually possessive of them.

3. An intense craving to be around that particular person. You want to spend any and every part of your life with them.

4. You have a motivation towards this person, which becomes an obsession. You would die for that person without a second thought.

A research piece studied the same amount of people who were in requited love and unrequited love. The study involved the participants looking at a photograph of their loved one against when they weren’t. 

Here are the results:

Romantic love is a physical response, it’s not an emotion. It is spurred from the wanting and craving part of the mind that is a driving force a little like what makes us strive for a work promotion.

This driver is more powerful than the desire for sex. Because this is only an emotion. And emotions only last a maximum of 90 seconds. Think about it this way, we die for love but if we’re rejected sexually from someone we brush it off and move forward.

This could explain why we cheat, Or even why people become serial cheaters. We’ve all heard men justify to their wives that ‘it didn’t mean anything.’ This may be true. But to a woman who has fallen foul to point two above, she is sexually possessive and is not at all bothered about whether the sexual interaction was meaningful.

This could also account for a similar response from a man who is outraged at an emotional affair his wife is having. In this situation, it’s likely that nothing physical has happened, but because of point one, the emotional possessiveness is in play.

What are the recent reasons for cheating?

When we talk about cheating most people think about a men. It’s how our brains are wired, but they are cheating with someone. In the traditional line up of a relationship comprising male and female, we’re then looking at a man running off for a non-meaningful sexual encounter with a woman who is more predisposed to falling in love. This imbalance can cause issues and is why men have, throughout history, found professional women for their philanderings. Because surviving infidelity is tricky at best.

Here are the two most profound social trends that have an impact on lust, romantic love and deep attachment to a partner. And hence on why cheating is so much more accessible.

Women moving into the workforce.

Everywhere in the world women are moving into the job market and are closing the gap between men; economically, health wise and education wise. Men and women are different, our brains are different. 

Women have a better verbal ability to men

,Finding the right words is a powerful force. 54% of American writers are women because they are imaginative, can plan through web thinking and can put them into complex patterns and see outcomes.

Men focus more, they move in a step-by-step thinking pattern.

This creates a collaborative society where women feel more able to reciprocate where they would in the past have deferred male advances.

In short, women are starting to express their sexuality. Women also start sooner and have more partners. They have kids later and are generally more free. This means that men have a choice of people to sleep with.

We’re also seeing a rise in romantic love, people will not marry anymore if they are not ‘in love’. Arranged marriages are on their decline. It is thought that marriage may become more stable.

There is an ageing population, some research suggests middle age should be 85 because it’s not until we get to this age that there’s something really something wrong with us. And the older we get, the less likely you are to divorce. But do you still need the chemical hit associated with the rush of new love.

Is this also a contributing factor inot why we cheat?

Women have never been more educated, interesting, and able to be a good partner. 

If this is the case, why do we cheat?


An orgasm creates a dopamine spike which can genuinely cause the person to fall in love, or at least feel that deep attachment for someone else. And these can work hand in hand with our deep attachment to our long-term partner. In short, it is chemically possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time. This is natural for us.

This is where the problems start.

If we think of a quickie, then that doesn’t seem emotionally complicated. Except that, as we’ve discovered, having an orgasm can stimulate the chemicals that make us fall in love. And who wants their marriage risking for the sake of a quickie?

If you’re attracted to a person, do you start out cheating, without wanting to fall in love. But, then you naturally enter the proverbial triangle we have talked about above.

We know now from research it is possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time. Research has shown this. Whilst it may all seem great at the start, does it ever stay that way? Messy!

Many people end up on antidepressants. And that has a complication all of its own.

The role of antidepressants in love and whether we cheat.

Antidepressants add drugs, serotonin enhancing chemicals into our system, which suppress the dopamine circuit.

Dopamine is associated with romantic love. Antidepressants also kill your sex drive which kills orgasm and in turn, kills the flood of positive chemicals associated with attachment.

When you tamper with the brain in one place, physics means it alters another. It’s impossible not to. And so we end up living in a world without love.

Without love, we have even less reason not to cheat.

Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another?

Timing is important when falling in love, proximity too, but also mysteriousness because this elevates dopamine. This could explain why people cheat.

Likewise if you go off and do something unique with someone, this also elevates dopamine. This is how affairs can lead to issues, and why it’s important to see a professional such as having a massage with hand relief — it gives the physical release without the emotional complications. In the long run it’s a lot cheaper too.

Here’s a story about love to finish with.

One grad student in love with another. The love was not returned. Knowing the above how about doing something unique with a person can help to improve your chances of love. The guy asked the girl to go on a rickshaw ride with him. She obliged, loved it. And after it was finished, she threw up her hands and said, “That was wonderful. And wasn’t the rickshaw driver handsome.”

Women massage — benefits and other things you need to know.

Women massage — benefits and other things you need to know.

We’re all conditioned to men being the hunter gatherers and historically it being accepted that they go out and sow their sperm in as many vagina’s as possible to ensure their lineage continues into the future.

But did you know that women also have a similar instinct?

Women behaved in a very different sexual way to how modern society has conditioned them into acting today. It’s important for women to make sure that she has the best chance of strong offspring, naturally women also have a basic instinct to mate with as many partners as possible.

This gives a female the optimal chance of her body naturally selecting the best sperm. The other benefit of this was that none of the men knew who the father was, so all had a vested interest in keeping her and her child alive. It was the only way to ensure that what could potentially be their child, and therefore their DNA makeup, would survive. 

Jump forward around 950 000 years and society has conditioned us into believing we should behave in another way. Even a toe dipped in the water of sensual enlightening such as women massage (even without the inclusion of yoni) if frowned upon.

Keep it private and go for it. Life is about collecting experiences and living to our fullest potential. It’s none of anyone else’s business.

So, here are the health issue implications from modern society’s take on how we should behave.

Lack of arousal can lead to substandard health.

When a woman is in a situation whereby she’s denying her natural sexuality (platonic relationship), suppressing these (cultural and religious) or simply by just ignoring them (rape or trauma) then this lack of erotic arousal will affect her health. And not for the good.

Just think back to a time when you experienced sexual frustration, or even the loneliness that comes from a lack of personal intimacy. How did that make you feel? We know that frustration can lead to anxiety, and that feeling of being alone can lead to depression.

And the head rules the health of our physical body if this situation i allowed to continue.

How to avoid this.

Masturbation is one solution and although this is great, you get the short term endorphin effects of the pleasure spike; it doesn’t recreate the intimacy. Foreplay and being penetrated by another creates a fulfilling primal energy.

This is where the sensual massage and specifically the yoni tantra massage come into their own.

By seeing a professional sensual masseur, you’ll be transported off to a place in your imagination so powerful that you will no longer be lacking. Their hands will create the same erotic effect during women massage that you’ll experience during varied and prolonged sexual stimulation.

All of this before we even start to think about the intimacy of skilled fingers arousing every sensitive nerve ending on your body. You’ll feel the effects immediately. 

Our clients are emotionally unlocked after a women massage. Everything that they’ve kept bolted down inside comes flooding out to combine physical release of frustration with sexual. This leads to an understandable knock on effect of being more grounded. Our clients feel less anxious, and we’ve explained the reasons for this earlier. Their calm leads to them being more confident generally through life. And this all follows down the chain of life to mean they are more relaxed and thus way healthier. 

Feeling good doesn’t stop there. This added confidence can lead to an improved life balance for example, eating is more controlled, weight falls off and then the cycle of confidence and health only further develops.

There are also some physical effects that come from this lack of tension.

While scoring an orgasm is a great inducer for having a women massage with the inclusion of the yoni, in addition to noticing a hotter sex life after your massage, you’ll also perhaps experience a reduction in pain.

Pelvic pain and trauma?

If you’re suffering with pain or if you’re holding trauma and tightness in your pelvic floor, then be sure to let your therapist know. He can adapt the session to improve these symptoms by incorporating more breathing into the ritual, before and during your yoni massage.

We hold tension in our pelvis for many deep emotional reasons which the therapy can release. 

But the practice of massages can also relax tension from activity, such as the way we stand or sit. This can cause fascia to tighten around the space. When your therapist uses their fingers to hit different spots, combining this with your breathing will release rigidity.

If you’ve had problems with orgasms in the past, you’ll be surprised how this physical relaxing can free up your pleasure receptors too. 

Emotional trauma can also impact how this spot tightens. During the treatment, your masseur will first connect with you. You’ll perform breathing exercises at the beginning to connect on a deep subconscious level. This process works a bit like meditation and is one of the key techniques, the purpose of which is to make you more comfortable. 

Following this with a light, non-invasive touch will bring about even more positive emotions. Your therapist will always go at your pace. And only ever with your permission.

This gentle attention is nourishing to your emotional self. You’ll naturally open and feel less pain stored on a psychological and physical level than in the past. It’s only then that treatments will deepen to incorporate a loving pressure to the internal muscles on the wall of your vagina. If you give permission.

What will people think?

Who cares! They don’t need to know. Plus with vaginal steaming and labiaplasty procedures vaginal beauty is having a huge moment. Why would a women massage including yoni tantra be any different?

Regardless, this is something that you’re doing for yourself in a safe environment with a trained professional. And did we say it’s for yourself? It doesn’t affect anyone else.

It doesn’t matter about your age, we’ve worked with clients who are anything from 18 to 80. Tantric massage isn’t governed by how many days you have lived on this earth. It’s about connecting through the tissue to a deeper place, which ultimately leads to a way deeper touch.

Our clients also range from married women, divorced women, ladies who are in a couple with a partner but remain unfulfilled sexually. We also work with women who are single and are after more than any one-night stand with an untrained stranger can produce. Another important section of our client base is helping women who have recently suffered a break up or loss move forward with their lives. Emotionally and sexually.

The healing benefits of being with a trained tantra therapist are special. Whether you’re looking to unlock that elusive orgasm, or have a session to heal emotional wounds, we’re with you. We don’t judge and your male practitioner is experienced. He knows what a vulva is all about, how to combine this with the sensitive nerves in and around your vagina with those in your clitoris so you leave having risen like a phoenix from the ashes. 

Why do our clients want women massage with yoni tantra?

“I’m not sexually satisfied by my partner and need relief”

“I naturally have an inbuilt/ in bread guilt about sex and sexual intimacy”

“Neither myself nor my partner have the sexual skill to satisfy me”

“I’m no longer suited to my partner”

“My partner is complacent about our lovemaking. Little or no foreplay”

“I’ve recently had an increase in my libido”

“What’s wrong with a little non-involved sensual discovery? I want some time to myself”

“I love my partner, but our relationship is sexually lacking”

“A relationship is too much trouble, I don’t have the time or the energy to commit what is needed. The convenience is great for me.”

“My body image was lacking. The services these guys offer is second to none in terms of both sensitivity to my feelings and insecurities, but also the genuine relaxation that I feel after my release.”

“It feels great to have my thighs massaged all the way to the top. This kind of sensual massage has always been a fantasy of mine. And it doesn’t disappoint. I wish I’d done it sooner.”

“The women massage offers me comfort since my husband has died, both during and after the session.”

Please note:

This is not sex. At no point during the women massage, or the yoni tantra massage will you be offered or expected to deliver sex. This is purely a beautiful but professional therapeutic guide across the erogenous zones of your mind and body to help with sensual discovery of your sexual and emotional self. For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions

Intimate questions to ask your partner.

Intimate questions to ask your partner.

If you’re looking to build a deeper connection within your relationship, then here is the ultimate list of intimate questions to ask your partner. 

Why do I need to ask intimate questions?

Do you remember those first days of love? How much did you talk? And how close and connected did you feel in those moments? 

Building intimacy with a partner within a relationship is often pushed aside as life takes over. We even dare to think that we know everything about the other, when in fact we’re all constantly changing and adapting to our new lives and the world within which we live. 

So, if you want to build a connection, and give it a chance at longevity, then what’s the harm in going back to the techniques that helped you find love in the first place?

I’m in a contract marriage/ arranged marriage. Love was never there.

This doesn’t matter. Because intimacy develops over time. The biggest misconception is that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. For me, it will be the day that I die, with my husband there, holding my hand, knowing that we’ve been through everything together. How we started out won’t matter at that point. By then, it’s all about the depth of emotion and this will help you regardless of whether you started out life within an arranged or contract marriage.

Why is it important to ask my partner intimate questions?

Getting to know your partner’s internal world is everything. This is what makes them tick on the inside. Understanding this will allow you to second guess their emotions, their fears and their loves. All of this makes you a better partner, which makes them love and appreciate you more. And this is how we breed a connected future based on partnership.

Read about Building Intimacy in a Relationship

How do I use these questions?

Think about it this way. No life is perfect. No relationship is how a movie will portray it. And no boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is without their faults. We’re not talking about reaching the heights of romantic disillusionment here. We’re talking about changing up the dance steps of our daily conversation using these intimate questions to ask your partner as a starting block for a conversation so that couples can learn a little more about their evolving partner and appreciate them more.

So choose your moment to ask your partner these intimate questions. Don’t read through them from top to bottom and present your lover with a list. We prefer to think that they’re here to give you a starting point for the time when you’re stuck in traffic. A topic of new discussion that will drive you closer to your dream of being the ultimate couple.

Finding out more about our lover will change up the comfortable monotony and it doesn’t all have to be about the bedroom just because we’re talking intimacy!

Side note:

Adult pleasure is all about the business of shutting down the brain so we have the emotional space to open up and explore sexually. This is what the tantric experience is all about. It’s about watching a person’s true character float free. And it will only do that when you have a connection and trust.

And listen to their answer. If you ask, ‘if our relationship were a movie which one do you think it would be?’ and you’re presented with ‘Pretty Woman’ that has very different connotations to if you hear, ‘Basic Instinct.’ If you don’t understand the answer, ask. Like we say, these are a starter for ten. The rest is down to you.

  • Which qualities first attracted you to me. From here you can then go on to find out whether these are still important, whether you still possess them and it will give you a clue, without the need to get emotional, about where and if you need to improve areas that you are slacking. Hopefully it will be a fun conversation which will show how you have both changed since that time and how the things that made you happy once have now adapted to your new, conjoined lives as a family, often with kids.
  • If you were to name three memories, which ones were the most cute? Now, cute doesn’t sound helpful. But bear with us. The funny times, the warm times and even that really dirty night times are what bring us closer together. These are the types of shared experiences that build a shared past and mean that when we spend our future together, we’re more aligned. Once you have your answer, go on, get flirty. Use the information to build your future. Because this isn’t just about a dialogue.
  • What do I do that lets you know I love you? Within this question, you’re fishing to find out what makes your partner grateful to be with you. It may be sexual, such as satisfying them in a way that you know works. Or, it could be that you make them their first drink of the morning. Take note. These are the things you can do more of. For sure, you’re not going to make a second drink in the morning, you’re probably out of the door and on with your day by then. But perhaps grabbing a glass of wine out of the fridge on an evening may be a great touch.
  • What are our collective strengths? We’re not looking for how hot you are in this one, but for the real-life examples of how you rate your accomplishments. Pulling together in a way that compliments the other makes you more effective as a team, so thinking about a memory and learning from it, can help build a stronger, more easy future.
  • What is your best adventure? Now, we’re hopeful that this will be one that you took together. But if not, that’s OK. Because it gives you the chance to improve. To plan something of an equally memorable level that you can explore together as a couple. You’ll be surprised at how this can strengthen and support your position. If you’re both enjoying life and your shared experiences, then this can only lead to increased naughty pleasure.
Why did we make that last throw away line?

Here’s the thing. Physical intimacy is connected to the brain. That’s what our tantric training has taught us. This is why we can work with women who are notoriously committed to only have sensual experiences with their partner, and we can give them that sensual curiosity within the space of a few hours. Some people think it’s a huge accomplishment, but once you know how the body works with the mind, you will never underestimate the power of dating on living a sexy life.

So, if you’re looking for a non-confrontational list of Intimate questions to ask your partner then go ahead. Have fun!

Building intimacy in a relationship

Building intimacy in a relationship

It can be touch when you’re struggling with building intimacy in a relationship. This can happen when you first start out together, or when you’re trying to get back from a situation which has hurt one or both of you and you need to find your way back to your partner.

Sometimes the sex can suffer when we’re struggling with intimacy issues, but other times, and often more hurtful, this can be a time where it’s difficult for a partner to feel the love of their other half.

That feeling of being close and emotionally connected or supported isn’t there. The connection you are striving for is distant and so the process of being sexual or even any kind of physical contact with the other person can feel like it is a whole life away.

When you’re going through this, it’s not easy to understand that all relationships go through this. But exercise trust. Because we’ve got you with some hints and tips that will help you talk. Through showing your vulnerable side, you become a team again.

Developing intimacy in relationship.

First off, let’s discuss this, because intimacy in relationships can be significantly more than between a loving couple. Children are intimate with their parents, we’re all intimate in a different form with our friends. Being intimate with other people is one of the most natural states we crave as humans.

If you want to read more about this, then we have a great article, The Definition of Intimacy. Because today we are talking about building intimacy within a romantic relationship.

Intimacy and sex.

We can all have sex with anyone, physically, if we are able to make love with our partner, then our body is all geared up for those actions with anyone. However, how many times have you heard, ‘it’s not the same without the emotion?’

Sure, you might get the release, but it’s not making love. Because the bond that you’ve built through intimacy is missing. This leads to a sense of loss. Like the experience wasn’t all that it could have been. And this can lead to some people feeling lonely, even isolated, regardless of how often they are having sexual intercourse. Because the love and affection is missing.

Side note:

Tantra connects two energies in a similar way to how it does when you make love to your partner. If you like, it ‘fakes’ the intimacy giving you all the benefits of making love, without the need or commitment of doing so.

Difficulties couples face when trying to create intimacy.

There are some common reasons why some couples struggle with sharing that closeness, that signifies intimacy.

Communication issues. If you are your partner aren’t speaking openly and fully, then there is nothing to lay the hat of intimacy on. And this requires you both to participate. You both need to be honest about how you are feeling, what is missing and what you need. A word of caution here. This doesn’t mean you can be callous. Always watch how you express your feelings if you want to grow closer.

Conflict. If you have an ongoing conflict, for instance, one partner had an affair, then this will make intimacy an issue. Approach this with an open mind and know that anger, hurt and resentment can all bustle up into a difficult verbal relationship. The lack of trust will manifest into aggression or retreat rather than open communication. This takes time.

It may not be easy to just talk, and for worries to be resolved. For instance, if you have money worries, they don’t just go away because you talk about them. But finding a way to work together so you both appreciate the other is vital here.

Abuse or violence, either ongoing or in a past life can cause issues in building intimacy in a relationship. These personal problems are deep rooted and you need to check in regularly with your partner and be that constant in their life that they need for support.

Intimacy builds over time. Building intimacy between a newly married couple or in an arranged marriage or contract marriage can require some common ground. Very often in these situations you don’t have as much history of being comfortable with each other. Likewise, if you’re pregnant before you’ve had time to properly plan kids. The spontaneity can be tricky. But don’t worry we have some simple exercises for you to focus on that with a little effort will help to build that intimacy, even if you are involved in a contract marriage or arranged marriage.

Couple after building intimacy in a relationship in a coffee shop snuggling unaware of the outside world

Building intimacy doesn’t come overnight. Be patient.

What’s our advice to help you connect with your partner?

Why people cheat

Celebrate all that is good about your relationship. Use words as well as actions to tell your partner that you appreciate them. And that you love them. One trick that I love is just before you settle down to sleep at night, think of just one thing that the person did for you that day that you appreciated. And thank them. You’ll be surprised at the results.

We’ve covered this earlier, but just in case you skipped ahead, this is worth reiterating. Talk. Openly. And listen. Make time for each other. It doesn’t have to be hours, just a few minutes where you don’t have anything else going on can be a tremendous help in building intimacy in a relationship. You only need a moment sometimes, Just enough to say, ‘I love the way you cook, your food is so flavoursome.’ It may sound like nothing, but enough of these moments count.

On that note, though, you won’t get intimacy if you don’t create the moments. So do it. Be together as a couple. Even if that is going for a walk and holding hands in the rain. Stopping the extraneous distractions really does help communication. So, anything that involves being calm together without distraction is a safe way to spend time together and build togetherness.

We touched on it briefly above, but touching is massive. After all, this is the end game of building intimacy in a relationship, right? Sure it is. So touch when you can. You don’t have to be the grabby perv that makes everyone’s skin crawl, just brush your hand over hers, or sweep some hair from her face. It’s the little things that count. Because as we’ve already said, intimacy takes time.

Here’s another we’ve already touched on (get it?). Accept that all relationships have their ups and downs. And you don’t always know when they’re coming. So embrace that and run with it without fear. Take these points and build them into your lifestyle to help you recover faster.

What are some questions to help me with building intimacy in a relationship?