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Our Sensual Massage Services

Sensual & Tantric massage is based in Romford, East London, Essex. We’re discreet, no nasty neon signs & in a quiet location; so you can enjoy your choice of erotic sensual massage in full knowledge that your privacy will be maintained. Our aim is to give you the ultimate head to toe fulfillment of both your mind and body, through a build up and ultimately a release of sexual arousal. In so doing, tension is released and you leave not only satisfied, but also strangely serene.

Please do not confuse our sensual massage services with others who run less professional establishments. This is not a knocking shop. You are coming for a truly sensual experience. We specialise in making you feel great, we expect the same respect from you.

Our sensual massage therapist is professionally trained in tantra and has been operating for years in a discreet and professional manner. You can read more about our sensual massage, here.

You're here because you want to discover sweet sensual secrets:

You're here because you want to discover sweet sensual secrets:


  • Unlock mind blowing sex with your partner
  • Discover the secret of multiple orgasms
  • Understand sacred tantra sensuality  and intimacy
  • Learn how to drive your partner wild
  • Attract your right partner
  • Heal from past traumas or current stress

You are in the perfect place. At Sensual Massage and Tantric Massage Romford, we use ancient techniques that allow you  to experience sacred sensuality with a glorious intimate connection which will change your life.

types of sensual massage

 sensual massage


naturist for client and masseuse

all over tantric touch of your

includes lingam massage for men and yoni massage for our female clients


 price per hour
1 hour minimum


tantric massage


relax on a mattress on the floor

intimate experience

you and your therapist are naked

experienced tantric expert

please note this is NOT tantric sex 

price per hour
1.5 hour


swedish or deep tissue massage with hand relief


qualified and experienced massage therapist

also trained in lingam massage

(massage of your genitals)


price per hour
1 hour minimum


read more

about sensual massage and tantric massages

Happy Clients

“I’ve been coming for years. I love my wife, but life is too busy. There’s not time for me to relax, everything is about responsibility. This gives me a hideout where I can forget all of that.”

“After losing my husband I wasn’t ready to move on. But I needed something. This gave me the confidence to move forward with my life in a place where I was instantly put at ease.”

“As soon as I walked in I knew I was in the right place. I was comfortable. That isn’t why I keep coming back though. Wow, she knows her stuff.”

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A message from us

Sensual & tantric massage, Essex

We’re professionally trained in Tantric massage. Tantric sensual massage offer a unique erotic massage experience and we like to say that tantric sensual massage offer the best therapy sensual massage in the Essex and Romford area.

You’ll find pages of information about sensual massage & tantric massage including explanations about lingam and yoni massage. We perform sensual massages from our base in Essex for men and women, each provided by the opposite sex.

You will not be given additional extras over and above what is included within the truly sensual experience of our massage.

We pride ourselves on providing you with the ultimate in quality sensual experience whilst maintaining an affordable price.

Sensual & tantric massage have offered professional tantric sensual massages in our tastefully furnished room in Essex for over 8 years. Our clients come for erotic massage to help with stress relief or for physical problems. Most of our clients are repeat visitors, you won’t find us advertising on listing sites and we always give priority to existing clients. We will discuss your needs before you start, and as long as you’re not requesting to engage in sexual activities with our tantric therapists, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Booking is by appointment in Essex, and have free off street parking. We’re happy to take last minute bookings.

What happens during my massage session?

It depends on the type of massage that you book, but all our massages are based on tantra massage and use tantric energy. Your masseuse will focus on connecting their energy with yours through the warmth of a caressing touch from tender hands. Tantric massage focuses on sensuality which starts in your mind. By relaxing your mind, your body follows and allows you to feel sensations like nothing you’ve experienced before. With the soothing touch of your naturist massage therapist over your entire naked body, and with gentle stimulation of your more sensitive areas, we’ll evoke and then intensify waves of sexual arousal during your body massage.

As your massage progresses, you’ll notice your energy slowly building from the base of your sacrum until it’s flowing through your whole body. As your massage therapist continues to provide all over massage to soft, supple areas with sensual touch, you’ll feel erogenous zones you never knew about as you tingle in sacred spots you’ve never noticed until your senses are heightened to such an intense state from your tantric therapists magical touch. We call this tantra love because the feeling is one of complete connectedness with your therapist. Their soothing strokes will progress your journey, usually to an orgasmic explosion such that the massage will leave you free falling into an ecstatic state of euphoria, followed by a wonderful emotional and physical contentment and tranquility.

Lots of love x