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sensual massage romford

Sensual massage Romford is all about you getting the most out of your body. We’ve trained in tantric massage and understand the mechanics behind why our body doesn’t always respond to touch. We work with that to ensure that you’re fully relaxed and able to accept the splendours that your body can provide for you over the course of the hour or more that you book with us.

If you’re looking for a girl for quick sex, then this isn’t the place for you. We don’t have a line of Thai girls waiting to ease your load. We’re quality professionals, specialising in providing you with a space you can find your zen, discover your inner peace and through this easy tranquility our sensual massage in Romford will set your body on fire and give you literally the best orgasm you have ever experienced.

We take our reviews seriously and we wouldn’t say that if our service didn’t provide a quality experience that we know our clients have enjoyed. We’ve been going for the best part of ten years now. Same quality therapists who make every minute you spend with us count.

Sensual massage Romford Sensual awakening feathers

sensual massage romford, prices

deep tissue massage with hand release (lingam massage)

If you’re suffering with muscular pain from sports or an injury then this will ease away the tension in your joints and improve your circulation

Bear in mind that deep pressure, can be tender at times

Your reward for being brave and putting up with the pain of the deep tissue work is to finish with lingam massage which is a wonderfully intense massage of your genitals.

half hour


1 hour upwards pro rata


sensual massage romford

Our most popular massage because it balances your restrictions on time whilst allowing you full and gentle relaxation and sensual stimulation

Your therapist will be naked throughout your sensual massage session which focuses on your pure hedonistic pleasure centre

minimum 1 hour


tantric massage romford

The full on professional tantric massage experience which will leave you wondering why you’ve never felt this wonderful vibe before.

Intense and liberating in equal measures, you won’t be disappointed, in fact we think you’ll be greedy for your next session.

Discover the hidden pleasures of your body

Includes a yoni or lingam massage


minimum 1.5 hours


have questions?

put your mind at rest before getting in touch

a few of our Happy Clients and their reviews

No intimacy in marriage from husband

“I suffer from a lack of intimacy from my husband in our marriage. We have become like best friends rather than lovers and I needed to get that spark back without risking what we have.” Gemma Read my story

married and lonely

“I love my wife but since the kids came along all her time is devoted to them. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I have needs and my wife doesn’t have the time nor energy to meet them anymore.” Dave Read my story

Sexually lonely after husband died

“My husband was my everything but when he died, I found myself alone. I don’t have the confidence or the inclination to find anyone else. But I’m still very much a sexual, or sensual being.” Alice. Read my story

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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More info about our sensual massage romford services

If you have questions about our massages, such as why are they a minimum of sixty minutes, do we have a shower, or which is the most relaxing, then before getting in touch, check our FAQ page as this will answer a lot of the questions you may have without you having to wait for us to become free and text you back.

Here are a few quick fire answers:

The price is the price, we won’t change it. Even if you are good looking, or offer to book and pay for multiple sessions at once. Please don’t send us pictures.

We’re not a sexy spa, we’ve already mentioned this, we don’t have girls lined up waiting for you and you must make an appointment. This is to ensure your safety and ours as much as being an organisational issue.

We only use our hands for your massage, although our body will touch yours from time to time, but don’t ask for extras. We’re not that kind of establishment, and we hate being called a parlour. You’ll know why when you come, our velvet touch speaks for itself. And we will always take care of your one important muscle with our renowned lingam massage, even if you book a softer touch massage such as the sensual or tantric massage.

Our opening hours are from early to late, and that’s throughout the week and the weekend. If you need to come after 10pm, we may arrange this for you, but you will pay extra for that particular erotic rub down of your erect penis.

You won’t find our location on this website. Beyond Romford, we keep that a secret until you make and pay for your first confirmed booking. This is to stop a loose tongue wagging, your privacy is our ultimate concern. When you visit you’re not coming to a place which screams with neon signs. We’re understated and we like to keep it that way. Our clients return to us and recommend us for a reason. We’re discreet and respectful. And we expect the same from you.

Within that framework, sit back, relax and we look forward to healing your neglected passion with our finest massage in the Romford, Hornchurch and Upminster areas.

Sensual massage Romford Sensual awakening feathers